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The Airline That Will Make You Want to Choose the Middle Seat

Being allocated the least-favourite choice of the middle seat of an airplane usually results in a cramped journey with limited leg stretching room, and an awkward climb over the sleeping person sitting next to you in order to use the bathroom - not ideal, especially when you're on a long haul flight. However, Frontier Airlines has revealed upcoming plans to make you actually WANT to choose the middle seat on your next journey by air.

There is a stigma already attached to the middle airplane seat, but Frontier attempts to change this by installing a design in which they are actually larger than the more-favourable window or aisle seats. The middle seats only will be increased to 19 inches, a one inch increase compared to the other seats on the plane, awarding Frontier to have the widest seats of any USA airline.

The airline is famous for their additional fees for carry-on luggage and drinks; however they have assured that customers will not be charged any extra for choosing the middle seat. Although there are some drawbacks to these new seats - the chairs are less padded and the all-important legroom space is reduced by two inches making them 28 inches in total. The limited legroom itself is due to a new seat layout based in a hexagonal format, instead of the usual rows, in which travellers will be staggered and facing each other during the flight.

The new hexagonal layout has been met with a mixed reaction, largely negative, with customers not liking the idea of being forced to sit staring at the person opposite them. Some of the passengers would also then be facing the wrong way when it comes to taking off and landing, not good if you get travel sick!

The new seat layout will change the current 3-4-3 layout to be a 3-5-3 set up. There is no set date for the launch of these new seats, and is still being discussed.

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