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Wintersports Travel Insurance

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Image layer Cover for skiing, snowboarding & 100's of activities
Image layer Protection for winter sports equipment
Image layer Off-piste options available
Image layer Specialist winter insurance policy
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Single Trip Travel Insurance

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Image layer Prices from only £2.83 per trip!
Image layer Gadget insurance options available
Image layer Over 100 sports & activities covered FREE
Image layer Save 15% online
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Multi Trip Travel Insurance

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Image layer Cover for cancellation & possessions
Image layer £10m emergency medical cover
Image layer Kids covered FREE under the family policy
Image layer Choose UK, Europe or Worldwide
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Longstay Travel Insurance

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Image layer Cover for trips up to 24 months
Image layer Return home extension included
Image layer Includes 24 hour emergency medical helpline
Image layer Mobile phone, iPad and gadget cover available
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Why Choose Alpha?

  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • 14 Day cooling off period
  • Kids go free on family policies
  • No upper age limit
  • And many more

Why Alpha?

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*Prices based on adults being aged 20 years old and children aged 17 years old or under. All prices are subject to change based on seasonality.

Welcome to Alpha

Welcome to Alpha Travel Insurance

The world is a large and exciting place that is just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. Alpha travel insurance has been specifically designed to be simple and straightforward – unusual for an insurance company we appreciate, but let’s face it, life is complicated enough. From our simple to follow website, through to our policy wordings, we have gone to great lengths to make everything clear and easy to understand.

Whether you are planning a gap year, taking a sabbatical, or simply getting away for a few days, our cheap holiday insurance policies will provide you with peace of mind at surprisingly affordable premiums.

Alpha travel insurance stands out from the crowd because there are no ‘gimmicky extras’ in our policies. We simply give you the cover that provides the protection you need for your trip.

We have also done away with the concept of offering different levels of cover at different prices – we believe that this is unnecessarily confusing and can mean that travellers do not always have the protection they think they have or need.

Get your travel insurance quote today and buy online.

Reasons to Choose Alpha

There are many reasons why you should choose Alpha to join you on your next adventure:

  • The ability to choose your product and which excess you want to pay in the event of a claim, without removing important elements of cover;
  • A multi-lingual speaking and Doctor managed emergency medical helpline – available 24 hours a day, every day of the year;
  • Bespoke online medical screening system;
  • Discounts for groups, families and single parent families and children 17 or under travel FREE on family policies;
  • Over 100 sports activities included FREE of charge, with many more able to be added;
  • Cover for your mobile phone, e-reader, tablet (including iPhone) with our specialist gadget insurance options, which includes a dedicated UK repair centre;
  • 14 day cooling off period;
  • And much more!

To see for yourself why thousands of travellers each year choose Alpha Travel Insurance, simply get your free online quote today or contact us for more information.

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European health Insurance Card enables to receive healthcare freely in a country of the 'European Economic Space' (EES) during a short period (holidays, studies, business trips . . . ), according to the legislation of the concerned country. Individual and nominative, even the children aged less than 16 year old must have one. It is valid for a period of one year and can be obtained for free at the health insurance fund.
What is European Travel Insurance?

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