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Student Travel Insurance

When researching travel insurance for students, the most important thing to consider is whether the cover will suit your specific trip. Are you planning to go backpacking for your Gap Year or have you decided on working at Camp America this summer? Maybe you fancy Interrailing across Europe or are you just taking a two-week holiday with your mates to chill out in the summer sun?

Here at Alpha Travel Insurance, we want to ensure you have the best student travel insurance to suit your needs.

What do we cover?

All of our policies provide the following benefits:

To make buying insurance simpler, our policies offer the same levels of cover, so all you need to decide is the excess you want to pay in the event of a claim, ranging from £0 - £175.

Top Tip: Spending a few more pennies now will mean a much lower excess if you experience a holiday disaster, so it’s probably worth one less drink at the bar!

Why should Students choose Alpha Travel Insurance?

Alongside our customer promise, we believe that you, the customer, are the driving force of Alpha Travel Insurance.
We regularly encourage our customers to share feedback about their experience with us, so that we can continually improve both our services and products.

Also, as well as all of the standard benefits above, we also offer the following optional extensions:


Student Travel Tips and advice

Your valuables: Don’t show off your valuables, this could make you more vulnerable to theft.

Luggage: We can all relate to travelling abroad and having a few too many, but it’s important to be careful when abroad, as in the event of a claim, excessive alcohol may invalidate your claim.

Keeping in contact: Always tell someone where you are going, so someone knows where you will be in the event of an emergency.

Don’t forget: Don’t forget an adapter and painkillers when you are on your travels. These are often things that can slip our minds but come in very handy.

Over-packing: Try not to over-pack as additional baggage fees can be expensive. Buy a small luggage scale so you can avoid overpacking.

Tickets: Book tickets for places you would like to visit in advance, not only will this probably work out cheaper but will also ensure you won’t miss out if the queues are huge or tickets are sold out.

For more travel tips, visit our blog.


Do you offer a Student Discount?
We do not currently offer a specific student discount, however, keep an eye on your emails as we regularly send out discount codes in them for you to use for your next policy!

Do you offer Travel Insurance for International Students in the UK?
We can only sell travel insurance to UK Residents, which we define as anyone who has their main home in the UK, and has not spent more than 6 months out of the last 12 out of the UK. If you are looking for insurance to be in the UK from your home country, we would be unable to cover you, unfortunately.

Do you offer insurance for students studying abroad?
Yes, we cover studying abroad as standard!

*Please note, our online prices automatically include a 15% discount. 

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