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Interrail Travel Insurance

At Alpha Travel Insurance, we want to make sure all you travellers out there are best covered for what you need – including interrailing! We’ve got a range of policies, whether you’re jumping on that train alone, dragging your bestie along, or if you’ve got a whole entourage, Alpha can accommodate your interrail travel insurance needs.

Interrailing has become increasingly popular with the younger traveller; because realistically, can you think of a better, cheaper way to explore Europe on a summer break? Nah, us neither. Alpha Travel Insurance is the perfect accompaniment to your train travels (of course we would say that), plus you can get it simply, without breaking the bank. Our policies start from just £8.00* for a whole month's cover in Europe, so there’s no excuse to skip the insurance – you can even tell your parents you’re being responsible.

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Why Choose Our Travel Insurance for Interrailing?

Whether you’re exploring one, two or even thirty European countries on your trip, you’ll need to make sure you’re covered. Interrailing can be one of the most fun ways to travel, but with the culmination of hostels, hotels, Airbnb's and getting on/off trains every few days, you’ll want to make sure your stuff is properly covered. All Alpha policies come with £1,500 personal possessions cover included, and optional gadget cover up to £1,000, which means you can rest in the knowledge we’ve got your back and enjoy the journey.

All of our policies include:product-sticker


Wherever you’re off to, take us with you! We’ve worked hard to keep our prices as small as possible so you can make the most of your hard-earned cash on your actual trip. Our policies are also a little different to the rest of the market, as in they’re really simple to understand – all of the cover levels are the same, so the only decision you have to make, is your excess. An excess is your contribution in the event of a claim, and we offer policies with £0, £50, £75, £100, £150 and £175 excesses, depending on how much you want to pay for your policy in the first place.

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What Travel Insurance Policy can be used for Interrail Travel?

The simple answer here is any one of our policies can be used when you go interrailing, it just depends on your trip! If it’s less than 31 days in duration, then you’ll be covered under a multi-trip policy (the best option if you go on a few different trips a year), and anything up to 94 days in duration you can grab one of our single trip policies. If you’re taking your time a bit more, then the Alpha Long stay policy can cover your travels up to two years. All of these options come with the £2,000 cancellation cover, all important £10million medical emergency and £1,500 for personal possessions.


*Based on a 24 year old travelling to Europe for 1 month on the Alpha175 Longstay policy. Prices correct at time of publish but are subject to change

Available Policies

You can choose from one of the following travel insurance policies to suit your travelling needs;

What is Interrailing?

Ok, so we don’t really know why you’re looking for interrailing travel insurance if you’re not already planning on going interrailing, wow we’ve said interrailing a lot. Anyway, it’s basically when you buy this super souped-up ticket that gives you access to most trains across Europe, opening up the opportunity for you to border-hop and explore all the beautiful countries our continent has to offer. With countries including Spain, Italy, Macedonia, Turkey and so many more, interrailing really is the best way to jam-pack all those bucket-list destination into one. There are a bunch of sites out there where you can buy your ticket, some offering different packages and even student discounts, so perfect for those on a budget.


Why do I need Interrailing Travel Insurance?

Of course we’re going to say you need travel insurance – but it’s true! What would you do if you’d put all your hard work into organising the perfect trip, only to have a family emergency, fall ill yourself or have something else to crop up to send your plans crashing down? Wouldn’t it be nice to know you’ve got Alpha there to salvage some of this, in the form of refunding you up to £2,000 if you need to cancel. We can even arrange to send you home early in some cases should you need to, after you’ve already left that platform. On top of all this, Alpha Travel Insurance policies provide cover for personal possessions and any activities you might be doing.


Activities on an interrailing trip?

Yep, you heard us correctly; interrailing doesn’t just have to be a long string of sight-seeing mini city breaks. The adventurers and adrenaline junkies can have their time in the sun too, or you could just find an alternative way to see those sights – sailing off the Amalfi coast anyone?

Either way, all of our policies come with Activity Pack 1 included free of charge, which includes cover for over a hundred activities and we’ve got a whole load of other packs you can add if they tickle your fancy.

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