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Benefits of Travel Insurance

When it comes to booking a holiday, purchasing travel insurance is often the last thing people think about and subsequently left to the last minute. Insurance, in general, is often seen as one of life's 'necessary evils', however it is absolutely vital that you have suitable holiday insurance in place to protect not just your holiday, but also you and your family - what if your holiday was cancelled, your luggage was lost or damaged in transit, or you needed emergency treatment in a foreign hospital?

Below we outline the true value of a travel insurance policy and why it is so important to have.

Medical expenses and emergency assistance:

If you or someone you are travelling with falls ill whilst on holiday, the medical expenses section of your travel insurance policy is there to help cover your doctor and/or hospital bills. Perhaps you've previously seen reports in the news of individuals travelling without insurance and then needing medical care abroad. They are then required to pay the cost of treatment themselves often totalling thousands of pounds.

From 1st January 2021 rules around travel to Europe have changed, visit the Government website for up to date information on passports, EHIC, healthcare and more. We’ll update this page with more information as and when the Government release it.

The medical cover on a travel insurance policy is for many the main reason why individuals purchase insurance; therefore it is important to check what is included before you travel. Alpha's £10 million emergency medical expenses include repatriation, air ambulance and mountain rescue as well as a dedicated emergency assistance team available on call 24/7 365 days of the year should things go wrong.

Personal possessions and luggage:

This section provides cover for loss, theft and damage for your bag or suitcase as well as the items you are bringing on your trips such as clothes, jewellery and eyewear. There is usually a total monetary amount that you are covered for and this is then broken down further into sub-sections. Each item you pack will fall into one of these sub-sections and this will be the maximum amount you would be able to claim for should it be damaged, lost or stolen.

All policies vary with regards to what is and isn't covered, therefore it is important that you check before travelling; some items are included as standard, whereas others require you to pay for an additional extension.

Personal accident and activity cover:

Holidays are meant to be memorable and as a result, many travellers heading abroad without their parents for the first time decide to take the plunge and try out a new adventure activity. Your travel insurance policy is able to provide cover for a wide range of activities, but also covers you for personal accident and medical expenses should things go wrong.

Cancellation cover:

How would you feel if, after months of saving up for your well-deserved break, it was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances that were beyond your control? Getting your money back on all the different elements of your holiday can be tricky, however, the cancellation section of your travel insurance policy is there to help in these situations.

Legal expenses:

If you need legal advice because someone has injured you whilst abroad, travel insurance policies have a legal expenses section that will help pay for the cost. Usually, you have to pay an excess first, but this section often comes with a free 30-minute phone consultation with a solicitor to discuss your case.

If you would like to get a quote or find out more information on the range of products that Alpha Travel Insurance has to offer, simply hover over the 'travel insurance' tab to view our dedicated policy pages.

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