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In Partnership with Holiday Extras

Planning a getaway this year? Although choosing your flights and destinations can be thrilling, it’s often the small details such as reserving airport accommodations and arranging sustainable transfers, that slip our minds. The hunt across various websites for these holiday add-ons can be pretty stressful and time consuming.

Therefore, to make things easier, Alpha has teamed up with Holiday Extras, offering you a one-stop shop for all your holiday add-on needs! At Holiday Extras, you‘ll discover:

Airport Parking

We get it - getting to the airport can be a headache, and finding a parking spot is no walk in the park. Reserve your parking in advance, and not only will you secure your space, but you’ll also save some pennies that you can spend on your adventures.

Airport Hotels

Want to skip the early morning airport rush? Picture this: a nice pootle to the airport, no rushing, and a cosy bed in an airport hotel. Airport hotels offer a comfy stay and eliminate the rush to catch your flight on time.

Airport Lounges

Have some time to spare before your flight? An airport lounge is your oasis of relaxation away from the bustling airport crowds. Enjoy complimentary drinks, food, and of course, free Wi-Fi.

Car Hire

If you’re looking to explore at your own pace or embark on an exciting road trip during your adventures, consider renting a car. Grab the keys and relish the freedom to discover new places at your leisure.

Airport Transfers

Hotel accommodation can often be a long way from the airport, and taxi costs aren’t always cheap! By booking an airport transfer early, you will cut costs but also eliminate the worry of getting to your destination, so you can focus on your trip.

Fast Track

Airport fast track

Overhead lockers tend to fill up rapidly, and nobody wants their hand luggage relegated to checked baggage. Why not secure a fast-track pass for guaranteed space and early boarding?

To plan ahead and pre book all of your Holiday Extras simply click here and then you can sit back and get ready for your well-deserved getaway.

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