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China Travel Insurance

With years and years of history intertwined with cutting edge technology and architecture, China is one for travellers who like variety.*

You can walk through rooms which have housed powerful ancient dynasties, or emperors in the Forbidden City Beijing, stand near the terracotta warriors in Xi'an, hike through the Yellow Mountains, or even pitch a tent and camp out on the Great Wall of China.

Whatever you and your travelling companions have planned for your trip, make sure that you have a travel insurance policy for China. Having your personal possessions stolen or damaged, or having to receive medical treatment whilst abroad can leave you stressed and out of pocket. With an Alpha travel insurance policy, you can have peace of mind that should something happen, we have your back.

Below are just some of the benefits Alpha offer:

To get a free quote now, simply click the button that says 'Get a Quote' and select the policy which best suits your trip, and the excess that you would be willing to pay should you have to make a claim. Alternatively, you can always contact our friendly Customer Service team and someone will be willing to discuss your travel insurance options with you.

*Please note, Alpha Travel Insurance does not provide cover for any trip which goes against the advice of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). Please check the FCDO advice on your chosen destination before booking your trip or purchasing our insurance.

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