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5 Sustainable Restaurants in London

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could enjoy high end quality food while having a positive impact on the environment? Unfortunately, food waste has been a growing issue over the last few decades and has been a contributing factor to greenhouse gas emissions. Luckily restaurant owners across the city have been actively fighting this issue in an attempt to create more eco-friendly options through using locally sourced ingredients to cutting down their carbon footprint. So that being said, here is our list of London restaurants that combine the culinary arts with an eco-friendly approach.


Silo originally launched in 2011 in Australia solely based on the idea of “not having a bin”.  This kickstarted the mission of becoming the first zero waste restaurant on the planet. Through eliminating “food miles” and over-processing Silo began progressing towards this end goal. Through a home owned flour mill Silo cut out over-processed bread making takings by making their own flour, churning their own butter and making their own oat milk. On top of this all products that are delivered to the restaurant come in reusable crates and containers cutting out any waste. The eco-friendly impact doesn’t stop there, Silo’s fittings and furniture are also made through recycled materials such as plastic bags, food containers and even crushed wine bottles offering a truly sustainable restaurant experience.

Honest Burgers

The chain that’s known to provide great burgers and homemade rosemary fries has built a reputation in the food sector for front-lining the battle against greenwashing and actively cut down carbon emissions when it comes to meat. To do this, co-owners Tom Barton and Phillip Eeles set in place a green farming scheme. The scheme focuses on regenerative farming which reduces the use of pesticide and transitions from grain to grass-fed livestock improving soil fertility. Being a chain, Honest Burgers have multiple restaurants across London featuring in Greenwich, London Bridge, Liverpool Street, Covent Garden and Brixton.

Pizza Pilgrims in Selfridges

Pizza Pilgrims is one of the latest eco-friendly additions to Selfridges and is located on the fourth floor of the world-renowned department store. Before even tucking into any food you will be instantly surrounded by sustainable décor including reclaimed plastic waste and vegan leather alternatives. While Pizza Pilgrims has openly stated that their tomatoes and parmesan are imported from southern Italy, they have actively made the change to buy cured meats and flour from local sources and grow their own wheat to cut down their carbon footprint giving a perfect blend of Italian authenticity and sustainability. Exclusive pizzas that can only be found at Selfridges include mushroom and truffle, smoked salmon and a UK wagyu beef and buffalo mozzarella.


Pioneered by wild food enthusiasts Ivan Tisdall-Downes and Imogen Davis, Native is set up in Browns boutique in Mayfair and is renowned as one of the most sustainable restaurants in London. So, what makes Native such a sustainable restaurant? Native remain an eco-friendly dinery by creating new and exciting meals through foraging wild ingredients and gathering hyper-seasonal vegetables. By supporting local farmers and cooking with seasonal produce Native have drastically chopped down their carbon footprint.

Warehouse the Conduit

Headed by ex-Silo chef Brendan Eades, Warehouse is a public and welcoming restaurant that sits in the middle of an exclusive members club. The restaurant itself focusses on producing environmentally friendly dishes through using seasonal and sustainable ingredients. This includes things like local fish suppliers, organic dairy farmers and an ever-changing seasonal cocktail menu.  Both chefs and mixologists are very passionate about a low waste approach and are frequently experimenting new ways to use every ingredient in their dishes to reduce waste. Even the décor is sustainable being designed with handmade baskets and restored furniture.

As you can see, if you are either living in London or simply paying a visit there are plenty of sustainable restaurant options that offer a tasty meal with an eco-friendly approach so you can enjoy your day out and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Don’t forget if you are planning a trip to the big city for a few days, our UK travel insurance will cover you for cancellations and loss of possessions, plus more, so you can hit all of the tourists’ spots with the ease of knowing that we have got your back.

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