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Backpacker Travel Insurance

The Alpha Backpacker Travel Insurance policy is perfect for those of you who are jetting off on backpacking adventures; whether it's a year travelling, an extended holiday or you're going to be working along the way - our Backpacker's policy is perfect.

Backpacking trips are often jam-packed with activities and excursions, so if you're going to be doing any of these while away, take a look at the activity packs to see what pack you might need to add on to your policy. The backpacker policies have four activity packs with pack 1 being included as standard (you're welcome!). We've also created some other extensions, as we know every trip is different. You can add on cover for your phone and other gadgets, for financial failure of your tour company and add a stop-over extension if you've got any connecting flights. The backpacker policies provide flexible cover up to 24 months in duration, a lot higher than 18 months which is standard across most of the insurance industry. There is even a 'return home extension'*, which means you can take two trips home of up to 21 days each, without rendering your policy invalid!

All of our Backpacker Travel Insurance policies include:



* When you use the return-home extension, all cover from your policy is suspended on clearance of customs in your home country, then starts again after baggage check-in at your international departure point for your flight, international train or ferry to your overseas destination. The extension will not cover the costs of your return home.

What is a Backpacker Travel Insurance Policy?

Backpacker policies, (also known as Longstay) differ from the standard Single and Multi Trip policies; they provide cover for those travelling across multiple destinations for longer periods of time, our ones up to 24 months! E.g. a Multi Trip policy would cover for a number of trips throughout the year, providing all started and ended in the UK and don't exceed 31 days duration. The Backpacker policy however, covers one long trip across multiple countries, or one country, for up to 24 months, depends what you're up to really! Cover is included for cancellation, curtailment, emergency medical attention and repatriation, personal possessions and activities. For more information and finer details of our backpacking policies, check out the policy wordings here.

Who is a Backpacker policy suitable for?

So a backpacker policy is suitable for all of you heading off to: wander around Asia for a few months, tour round Australia and New Zealand,  work for a year in Europe, volunteer on a conservation project, the list goes on. If any of these sound familiar to your plans, then the Alpha Backpacker Policy is for you my friend!

Why Choose Alpha's Backpacker Travel Insurance?

Why not choose the Alpha Backpacker travel insurance? We work hard to keep the prices down for you, so you have more £ to take away on your trip! We've also kept the policy super simple, with the only thing changing being the excess(how much you pay towards a claim)...even better, you have complete control over which you have, from £175 to Zero**. The Alpha Backpacker Policy comes with a whole heap of benefits, including:

**Please be aware of what excess you choose! Paying pennies more now for your policy to get a lower excess could mean the difference of paying hundreds less in the event of a claim...

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