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Hot-air balloons flying over the mountain

No Travel Insurance for Six in Egypt Hot Air Balloon Crash

Posted on March 01, 2013

On Tuesday, we received the devastating news of Egypt's hot air balloon accident that killed 19 tourists, including 2 Britons and a UK resident.

It was reported that the balloon was in the process of landing when one of its cables got caught on a helium cylinder. As the balloon caught on fire, it rapidly spread to a gas canister which exploded. Quickly plummeting 300ft (1,000m) towards the Earth, the balloon came to a halt in a nearby sugar cane field in Luxor, Egypt. Read more

Couple standing on a snowy mountain in ski outfit

What is ‘Extreme’ Snowboarding?

Posted on January 03, 2013

Are you an avid snowboarder that can't get enough of the snow, sun, and the adrenaline through your veins? Have you racked up enough experience of the slopes that you could do it blindfolded? Maybe you've even tried!

You have conquered the snowboarding slopes, but have you considered upping your game and trying 'extreme' snowboarding?


Extreme snowboarding is a freestyle type of snowboarding on uneven terrain, otherwise known as 'off-piste'. Read more

Northern lights in the dark blue sky over snowy ground

Visiting The Northern Lights

Posted on

Not only have we welcomed in a new year, but we have also entered in to what's known as the 'Solar Max' period - a sunspot activity peak! It is said that 2013 will be the best time to visit and experience the breath-taking sights of the Northern Lights in 50 years, so make sure you don't miss out! Read more

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