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  • Cover availabe from 19p per day*
  • Return home extension included
  • Cover for trips up to 24 months
  • Mobile phone, iPad and gadget cover available

Long Stay Travel Insurance

Are you a jet setters? Backpacker? Or an adventurer? Do you think of nothing more than planning your next big, global adventure?

Whether you’re looking to backpack across Asia, spend your summer sightseeing by train around Europe or taking a gap year, teaching English abroad, our Alpha policies are super affordable, flexible and offer the right cover for you.

Our cover stretches up to 24 months and that means 2 years of creating some of the best memories, ticking places off your bucket list and experiencing the freedom of what travelling is all about – and having the assurance that we’ve got your back if you need us.

Travelling is also all about the once-in-a-lifetime activities, whether that’s bungee jumping over Switzerland’s Verzasca Dam, trekking up Machu Picchu or sky diving over the Palm in Dubai, our activity packs offer the cover you may need.

But the main thing is with our Long Stay policies, you can gallivant across the globe with total relaxation and assurance. Wherever you choose to go in the world, the Alpha Long Stay travel insurance policies provide the essential cover for your extended trips. All of our Long Stay policies include:



* When using the return home feature all cover is suspended on clearance of customs in your home country and restarts after the baggage check in at your international departure point for your return flight, international train or ferry to your overseas destination. The extension will not cover the costs of your return home.

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What is a Long Stay Travel Insurance Policy?

Long stay insurance policies are a little different from the norm; they offer cover for travel across multiple destinations for extended periods of time. So, where a Multi Trip policy will cover for multiple trips across a 12 month period, the Longstay policy will cover for one long trip across multiple countries, or one country, depends what you're up to really! Cover is included for cancellation, curtailment, emergency medical attention and repatriation, personal possessions and activities. For more information and the ins and outs of the long stay policies, check out the policy wordings here.

Who is a Long Stay policy suitable for?

Examples of long stay-qualifying travellers include, but are not limited to those going: backpacking around Asia on a gap year, working in Australia for a year, Inter-railing around Europe all Summer, teaching and volunteering in Africa for 6 months, for a semester in the USA, the possibilities are almost endless. So, if you fall into one of the above categories, or your trip is longer than 31 days in duration, then you're in the right place.

Why Choose Alpha's Long Stay Travel Insurance?

Of course we're going to sing and dance about our own policies, but we do truly believe they're the best option on the market. At a first glance you may think we offer a range of long stay travel insurance policies, but when it comes down to it, the only things that differs is the excess; all of the cover levels are the same, the only choice you have to make is how much you want to pay now on the premium, compared to how much you'd be happy to pay if you have to claim. The excess on our long stay policies range from £175 to £0 and the policies are rather aptly named after the excess they come with. It is super simple and the choice is 100% yours. We also work hard to keep our prices as small as possible, so you've got enough to take away with you on your trip, plus our long stay travel insurance policies come with a whole bunch of brilliant benefits. Just to name a few:

Obviously, all of our insurance policies come jam-packed with even more benefits and features, but we didn't want to bore you by listing them all.

Cover Levels

Cover Levels

Included - Return Home Extension

Travelling across the globe on a long stay, backpacking or gap year adventure is a great way to not only experience a range of cultures, but also learn new skills along the way and boost your CV! But for those moments when you just want to see your friends and family again, Alpha offers complete flexibility, with the ability to return home twice for 21 days each time* during the lifetime of your policy without having to buy a brand new policy each time.

£250 - Passports

What would you do if your passport was lost or stolen on your trip? Would you know what to do next? Your passport is pretty much the most important document you need to travel – without it, you’re basically stuck! All Alpha Longstay policies cover the cost of a replacement emergency travel document to help get you back on your way, and even the transport to go and pick it up.

£1,250 - Cancellation

If you’re going on a longer, extended trip, these can usually be a bit more expensive than the standard beach-break – especially if you throw long-haul flights into the mix! The Alpha Long Stay policy comes complete with £1,250 cancellation cover, just in case! So you’re not left trip-less and penny-less all in one go.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Alpha Travel Insurance has been rated 5 / 5 based on 69 customer reviews Our Rating

“This year’s insurance is with Alpha Travel Insurance and for under £100 for the first six months of the year, I can afford to travel! Fingers crossed I don’t need to use the insurance, but if I do I hope they are awesome. Happy travels.”

Miss Richard, East Sussex

“Very good and polite people on the phone. We got exactly the travel policy we need – and at a sensible price!”

Mr Wilkinson, Devon

Activity Packs & Extensions

Activity Packs

If you’re planning to do any activities whilst you’re away, you’ll need to double check your policy has the right activity pack to cover you for these. Longstay Policies have four Activity Packs, so make sure you take a look and add the right one! If you’re particularly spontaneous and decide on an activity while you’re away, no problem, give us a call and we’ll be able to add an additional pack on for you (as long as this is before you do the chosen activity!).

Each pack covers all of the included activities, plus all of the activities in the ones below! E.g. Pack 2 covers you for all pack 1 & 2 activities.

Activity Packs


We try and keep our cover as simple and low cost as possible at Alpha, but we understand that it’s not always ‘one size fits all’, this is why we’ve added a few optional extensions so you can choose the cover you need.

  • Gadget extension – This can be added onto any Alpha policy
  • Return home extension – Included FREE with every Longstay insurance policy
  • Stop Over Extension – Extended cover for a few days in a country outside your territorial limit while waiting for a connecting flight

Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions

All Alpha Travel Insurance policies are able to include cover for hundreds of medical conditions.

Some of the most common ones include:

  • High blood pressure / hypertension
  • Asthma
  • High cholesterol
  • Underactive thyroid / hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes (both type 1 and type 2)
  • Food allergies and intolerance
  • Arthritis
  • Heart conditions
  • Stroke
  • and many more…

Medical conditions can be declared and screened at the same time as obtaining your quotation.

Simply visit our online medical screening page for more information.

Our existing customers have used this policy for;

Alpha Travel Insurance Longstay cover is ideal for...
  • A gap year
  • Working abroad
  • Travelling the world
  • Studying abroad
  • An extended holiday
  • A career break
Use this policy for

Longstay Info

Backpacking holidays, gap years, work placements or extended career breaks – the Alpha Longstay policy is the simple choice.

The Alpha Travel Insurance Longstay policy is available for travellers up to 55 years old, has cover for a range of sports and activities available, as well as other extensions so you can tailor your policy to suit your needs.

It includes £10 million emergency medical expenses, repatriation, air ambulance, personal possessions and we even include a free ‘Return Home Extension’. The extension allows you to return home twice for 21 days each time without breaking your insurance cover.


Please note that our policies must be purchased for trips starting and ending within the UK, and will not be valid if you have already begun your trip or are already abroad. Our insurance policies are also currently unable to cover for cruise holidays unless you have purchased the cruise extension (not available on Longstay).

*Price based on a 18-40 year old, travelling to Europe on an Alpha 175 policy for three months


Do you have a question about us, our cover or our policies? You may be able to find the answers in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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