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24/7 Emergency Assistance

At Alpha Travel Insurance, we understand that having to seek medical attention abroad can be extremely frightening and stressful. This is why we have created the following guide to help you cope in such a situation, and to understand how our 24 hour emergency assistance service can work on your behalf.

Who are Emergency Assistance Facilities?

What to do in case of a medical emergency abroad

When you call our medical assistance service in an emergency you need to have some basic information for them to hand:

When you contact EAF you'll speak to a member of the operations team, they will ask the basics of your case, and allocate you a case number. If necessary, they'll confirm that you're insured and provide the hospital or clinic with appropriate billing instructions. Your case may be referred to one of the doctors on the team who may contact you further to ascertain the exact nature of your injury or illness and then put in place the appropriate strategy to ensure that you receive the correct treatment and, if required, advice on your repatriation.

Please note:

How to pay for your treatment

More information can be found in your policy wording or in the tabs below.

What can EAF do for you?

Our first priority is always the safety and well-being of our customers, followed closely by excellent customer service. To make sure we meet your expectations it is important that you know what EAF and your policy can do for you;

EAF will take the appropriate action necessary to ensure your safety and wellbeing, this could entail:

  • Moving you from a private facility (if you have not been admitted to a state registered hospital) where the standard of treatment might be inadequate or the price of treatment inflated for tourists.
  • Recommending an extended stay in the hospital (or a local hotel) until your condition has stabilized sufficiently to allow your safe return home.

Important things to remember

  • It will not always be possible for the 24 hour emergency assistance service doctor to call you back straight away, this could be due to time zone differences or because he is awaiting further information from the treating doctor or hospital. This does not mean that you have been forgotten, and wherever possible a member of the operations team will keep you regularly updated.
  • Although the local doctor might discharge you from hospital and suggest that you can return home, there are regulations imposed by airlines regarding when you can, and cannot fly following a serious accident or an operation. The Emergency Assistance Facilities team are experts in aviation medicine, and the decision as to when it is safe for you to fly home should be left in their hands.
  • Always remember that your travel insurance does not cover the cost of private medical treatment unless it has been approved by Emergency Assistance Facilities.
  • Unfortunately due to the emergency nature of their work, EAF do not have time to discuss your condition with or update multiple people. Therefore we suggest that you nominate one person to be the contact point for the 24 hour emergency assistance service, this will ensure that they are not trying to explain matters to numerous people, which simply causes confusion and delay for everyone concerned. This person can then keep the rest of your family updated.

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Things to do before you leave home

Below is a checklist of things you should know and do before you leave home:

  • Put EAF’s phone number into your phone before you start your holiday – this should ensure you can contact them at any time, even if you don’t have your travel insurance paper work handy. We would also suggest that you store your policy number in your phone too.
  • Make sure that your phone has plenty of credit and charge throughout your holiday.
  • Many people don’t realize that their phones aren’t set up to accept incoming calls or texts abroad – check with your phone provider that your phone will work abroad, otherwise you will have no means of contact.
  • If you’re travelling in Europe please make sure you have a valid EHIC, which replaced the old E111. The EHIC is free of charge and will provide discounted or free medical treatment and medication in most state European facilities. If you use your EHIC we will waive your medical excess.
  • Make sure you have declared any medical conditions to us, to make sure you’re fully covered – if your health or medication have changed since you purchased the policy, please contact us.

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Frequently Asked EAF Questions

What happens if I miss my booked flight due to illness?

Don’t worry, provided you have contacted our medical assistance service your policy will be automatically extended to cover you until it is agreed that you are fit to travel, they will make appropriate alternative arrangements.

What if you want to come home early?

This policy covers you to come home early because you are ill only if medical treatment is not available locally. If you are thinking of cutting short your trip because you are not well then you must contact our medical assistance service for advice first.

If you need to come home for any other reason, such as the illness of a close relative in the UK then you should make your own arrangements, bearing in mind your duty to act at all times as if uninsured. If you are not sure whether your particular circumstances are included in the cover then call Travel Claims Facilities between 9am to 5pm UK time for advice. 

If you have any further questions regarding our emergency assistance team please feel free to contact our customer service department.

What is the ‘tourist trap’?

The ‘tourist trap’ refers to certain privately owned medical clinics around the world who seek to ‘trap’ tourists by inflating medical bills in the hope of getting paid by the tourist or their travel insurance. These clinics usually pay taxi drivers, hotels and hostels to send any injured tourists to their clinics, they then charge extortionate rates without providing appropriate care for their patients. To protect yourself against falling into the trap, always make sure you visit a state facility, and under no circumstances should you ever give your credit card details or surrender your passport to anyone.

I’m travelling to Europe, why do I need insurance if I have an EHIC?

The EHIC should never be a substitute for travel insurance, although it should offer you free or discounted medical treatment and prescriptions in most state EU facilities, it will not cover the cost of repatriation – for example if you have missed your return flight home and need to book a new one.

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