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24/7 Emergency Assistance

What to do in a medical emergency abroad

Firstly if you are in an emergency then you will need to call the local equivalent of 999, which for the USA is 911 and in the EU is 112 for a local ambulance service.

Do not ask your hotel or rep to arrange for you to attend a hospital, they will not always make arrangements based on your best interests or clinical needs

You can contact the assistance team in an emergency by calling +44 (0) 333 003 7388. You can also email them at

When you call our assistance service, you will speak to a member of our team who will help guide you through what you need to do and advise how they can support you.

You will need to have some basic information for them to hand:

More information can be found in your policy wording or in the tabs below

What can the Assistance team do for you?

Our first priority is to ensure you have access to optimal care and doctors who will work with your best clinical outcome as priority.  To make sure we meet your expectations it is important that you know what the assistance team and your policy can do for you;

Important things to remember and what to expect...

Coming home...

Anything else?

We have created a page where you can review information relating to our ethos and philosophies in relation to assistance, repatriation and medical care across the globe.

For more information please visit our dedicated Philosophies page.

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