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Gap Year Travel Insurance

The world is your oyster - and what better time to explore and have an adventure than now? Whether it’s backpacking, working abroad, a gap in education, or simply leaving the comfort of your hometown and all its familiarities in search of something new, a gap year might just be for you!

We know that the hardest part of planning a gap year is deciding where you’re going to go. So, we’ve done the dirty work and found you the top backpacking destinations according to Instagram- so rest assured you’re guaranteed to have the most visually pleasing social media out of all your followers!

If you do decide on a Gap Year, then you must ensure you’ve got the right travel insurance. We’ve got you covered with our Long stay insurance- so you can just relax and discover the world. Life’s too short, so go have an adventure!

What is Gap Year Travel Insurance?

If you’re going on a Gap Year, you can’t just choose any old travel insurance. That’s why we’ve created our Long Stay range of policies, to save you the endless search for the perfect insurance and to meet all your travelling needs.

Unlike Annual or Multi-trip policies, Long Stay policies provide cover for those travelling across numerous destinations over a period from 1 to 18 months (depending on the insurer).

Gap Years are unpredictable, and often you’ll end up going to a destination spontaneously which wasn’t in your original travelling plans. When you purchase your policy, you’ll most likely be asked to choose a group of destinations, so you have the flexibility to travel to any that are included, or call your insurer to extend and cover even more! And, if you thought this policy couldn’t get any better, it also provides cover for cancellation, curtailment, emergency medical attention and repatriation, personal possessions and activities- so you can travel knowing that everything is taken care of!

Do I need Gap Year Travel Insurance?

Regardless of where you’re going, you always need some form of travel insurance. Given that a gap year differs considerably from, let’s say a 2-week family holiday to Benidorm, Single Trip and Multi Trip policies simply won’t provide you with enough cover. For example, the Long stay policies even allow you to come home twice during your trip for up to 21 days if you begin to miss those home comforts and need a pitstop for Mum’s cooking (without rendering your policy invalid).

There are several reasons why Gap Year insurance is so important:

Who is Gap Year Insurance for?

Despite popular belief, Gap Years aren’t just for students. That’s why we’ve established a range of Long Stay policies which cater to a wide scope of travellers. The policy is ideal for:

For additional advice on taking a Gap Year, click here.

What does Alpha’s Gap Year Insurance cover?

Wherever your gap year takes you, rest assured- we’ve got you covered. Gap Year travel insurance falls under our Long Stay policies, which all include:

*Please note, Alpha’s online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices. This is a discount from our standard price, not including the additional cost of optional extensions or any additional medical premium.

Gap Year Travel FAQs

How long will I be covered for with Gap Year Insurance?

If you take out Gap Year Insurance, it will fall under the Long Stay policy which provides cover for 1 to 18 months.

If I want to travel longer than planned, can I extend my policy?

Yes- providing you do not exceed the 18-month cover. For example, if you initially take out cover for 6 months, you can contact us and extend cover for a further 12 months. There is no limit on the number of times you extend your cover, as long as your overall trip does not exceed 18 months.

Is Gadget Insurance included in my policy?

Yes, we have several extensions which you can add to your policy, including cover for gadgets.

Can I come home during my Gap Year and then continue travelling?

Yes- you’re allowed two ‘return home trips’ of up to 21 days during your Gap Year, without invalidating your policy. So, if you’re worried you might feel a little homesick, this policy is perfect for you.

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