Your Pack, Your Bump and You – Things to Take Backpacking Whilst Pregnant

Travelling whilst you’re pregnant can be a stressful and concerning time, but it can be done safely and without complications so long as the right preparations are made before you depart for your little slice of bliss away from home.

So what should you pack? Continue reading

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The Future of On-Flight Knee Defenders

Last week, a United Airlines flight was diverted back and two passengers were removed after one of them used a locking device to stop the seat in front of them from reclining. Glasses of water were thrown and the dispute escalated into such a fully-blown verbal fight that the pilot was forced to divert to Chicago’s O’Hare airport to have the two passengers removed from the plane before continuing to the original destination of Denver.

The event seems to have caused some controversy, stirring up mixed feelings from regular airline passengers who seem to have bottled-up this widespread issue until now. Continue reading

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Travellers Ditch Sunshine Holidays for Culture Vulture Tours of Europe

A new survey has revealed that British holidaymakers are choosing to ditch classic sunshine holidays to beach resort and exotic destinations in favour of more cultural holiday experiences.

Half of travellers now refer to themselves ‘culture vultures’, preferring to explore ancient cities, museums and sites of historical importance whilst on holiday rather than get a tan on the beach.

As a result of this change in taste, people are heading to more off-the-beaten-track destinations in order to get a real, authentic taste of different life and culture, using the opportunity to explore local history and customs. Continue reading

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Student Gap Year Trips on the Rise

Taking a gap year after you have finished school, college or university has become pretty much a rite of passage for many young adults before they enter adulthood and look into getting a job.

However, seeing as the job market for graduates and other newly-qualified young professionals is so bleak, many of these young adults are heading overseas in order to find work and boost their CV.

STA Travel has revealed the results of a new survey which shows that applications for a round-the-world gap year trip have increased by a staggering 25% compared to the same data last year. Others are also applying for work visas for Australia and New Zealand. Continue reading

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British Airways Apologies for Losing £2,000 Suitcase after Twitter Backlash

When a passenger on-board a British Airways flight lost her luggage, which was worth over £2,000, she didn’t expect the public to unite quite in the way that they did.

Nora Low was flying with the airline from a two-week business trip in Amsterdam to Lake Tahoe, California for her brother’s birthday when she discovered her luggage was missing thanks to a glitch in the luggage computer system.

“It completely ruined my vacation. I had about £2,000 worth of clothing in it.” Nora said. Continue reading

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One Third of Brits Glued to Phone Whilst on Holiday (and 31% Travel Fib on Facebook!)

Staying connected whilst abroad is becoming a necessity for many to inform their friends and family how much they are enjoying their holiday, or updating their social media channels with endless statuses and holiday snaps. But for those on the other end of the spectrum, taking your phone on holiday is seen as a waste of time, believing you cannot truly unwind and relax when you are surrounding by ever-beeping technology.

phone One Third of Brits Glued to Phone Whilst on Holiday (and 31% Travel Fib on Facebook!)

A recent survey has revealed that a third of Brits have regretted taking their electronic devices abroad on a previous holiday and wish that they had spent more time soaking up the foreign culture and atmosphere. Continue reading

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Our July Trust Pilot Winner

stars Our July Trust Pilot Winner

We strive to provide exceptional products and customer service here at Alpha, therefore every month we decide to give a little something back to our customers as a thank you for leaving us a review on our Trust Pilot page. As usual, we receive so many lovely words and it’s really tough to choose a winner. Continue reading

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Italy and France Named as Most Expensive Holiday Destinations – Spain and Bulgaria Declared as Cheapest

A change in the economy means that countries like Italy and France are becoming more expensive tourist destinations to visit than places like Spain and Bulgaria, which are becoming renowned for their cheaper prices and good value for money. 1378555 74497475 Italy and France Named as Most Expensive Holiday Destinations – Spain and Bulgaria Declared as Cheapest

As the pound grows stronger, holidays to the Costa del Sol in Spain and Sunny Beach in Bulgaria are becoming cheaper and more affordable to the average Brit. Travellers have been warned that should they choose to travel to destinations such as Italy and France, they’re likely to spend more throughout their stay than if they visited the cheaper destinations. Continue reading

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How To Have A Happy Holiday

iStock 000012263839Small How To Have A Happy Holiday

Happify, a website whose sole aim is dedicated to helping people build skills for happiness through science-based activities and games have put together an infographic detailing how to ensure you have a happy holiday, and here are the findings:

Plan ahead

If you start planning early, you’re more likely to have a stress-free holiday. Around 90% of people said that their happiest holidays were the ones that were planned more than a month in advance. Continue reading

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Most Annoying Things About Hotels (And How To Deal With Them)

hotelbed Most Annoying Things About Hotels (And How To Deal With Them)

Nothing beats a good night’s stay in a hotel, especially if the bed is comfortable, the curtains only let in the right amount of light (if any), you can’t hear the guy next-door thoroughly enjoying EastEnders re-runs and you have a reading light that works – so it makes it a little annoying when we come across a hotel that’s got some…quirky features that just frustrate us further. Continue reading

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