Weighing up the Costs and Cover for Backpacker Travel

iStock 000017252900Small Weighing up the Costs and Cover for Backpacker Travel Backpacking is an exciting opportunity to go out and meet the world on your terms; you set the pace, the itinerary and (in most cases) the cost. For many people, it represents the most freedom that they are likely to experience in their lifetime; but as with any such endeavour, planning is highly important. Indeed, the level of freedom and direction available to you as a prospective backpacker makes the need to have a safety net in place of even greater necessity; if something does go wrong, the responsibility to extricate yourself from the situation will otherwise fall solely upon you. Continue reading

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Travel Apps for Kids

Today’s child entertainment is nothing like the toys and things that we were bought up with. If my parents had presented me with their tablet computer when I was 2, I probably would have either broken it or decided it was definitely edible; nowadays kids are incredibly fluent in using technology. iPads and similar tablets can make children really spatially aware, as well as presenting them with mental challenges that they might not have faced otherwise.

Taking the family tablet on holiday with you is a great idea, especially if you intend on using it to entertain your children. There are a multitude of parents out there with phones and tablets full to the screen with apps dedicated specifically for keeping their child happy when extensive queuing and boredom gets in the way, so the same sorts of things apply for when you’re travelling as a unit. Continue reading

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Essential Destinations for the Adrenaline Junkie

If you like travel, and you enjoy getting your heart pumping with a little adrenaline, why not combine the two and travel to some of the most exciting destinations in the world? Trips and excursions arranged around sheer thrill for adrenaline hunters are building in popularity, allowing those who get their kicks through making their heart beat a bit faster to get their adrenaline rush in some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

If you want a trip to remember, and an experience you’ll never forget, check out some of these incredible activities across the sea to give you ideas for your next holiday. Continue reading

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Airport Layover Tips with Children

An airport layover often leads to travellers becoming even more tired, stressed and frustrated than they were at the beginning of their journey, but what happens when you add kids into the equation?

Whether you’re looking to save some money on plane tickets or just trying to get off the beaten path on your holiday, layovers can happen and travelling with tired, stressed and frustrated children doesn’t make for a particularly happy journey, so what’s the secret to surviving long flight layovers in airports with kids? Continue reading

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Holidays During Term Time

For many, September marks the return to school and college as a new term begins. But if someone offered you a discounted holiday for you and your family, including a young child, would you take it? What about if it meant a fine from the local council, too?

With more and more travel companies offering families the chance to get away before the school holidays, and for cheaper, the Government has enforced regulation in an attempt to boost children’s school attendance. Continue reading

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Dangerous Travel Selfie Trend Sparks Fears for Safety

Three student travellers have hit headlines recently after taking the world’s ‘selfie’ craze to new heights, literally, by perching on top of an antenna at the peak of a 1,135 foot-tall Hong Kong skyscraper and videoing the view.

The clip, which can be viewed on YouTube, is the latest in a long string of travellers intent of wowing the world by snapping gravity-defying photos of themselves on top of tall buildings, cranes and iconic sites.

The ‘selfie’ trend is one which has completely dominated 2014 so far, with the word actually being entered into the dictionary and even a top 40 hit being made out of the popular slang word. Regular selfies are pretty common and almost every Facebook feed is smothered in them on a daily basis, but the sub-trend for people taking ‘dangerous selfies’ has reached new, and controversial extremes. What has started as a silly trend has got some people aiming for the potentially fatal snap.

The trend for taking ‘extreme’ selfies has become a sensational internet phenomena which has exploded recently, especially in Russia where ‘extreme’ versions of activities always seem popular. ‘Skywalkers’ as they are known (not to be confused with relatives of Luke) climb to death-defying heights without safety equipment in order to snap the next best photo.

In June, British travel company boss Lee Thompson convinced the Brazilian tourist board to let him climb to the top of Christ the Redeemer and take a selfie – a photo which later became another internet sensation. He said the 25-minute climb to the top of the statue was “extremely hot, eerily quiet and claustrophobic” but reported that the view he got from the top was ‘incredible’. Continue reading

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9 Strangest (but oddly useful) Travel Gadgets

Travelling can be a stressful time for anyone, no matter how much planning you have managed to squeeze in to those anticipative hours before you leave the UK. There’s always something you wished you had packed.

Helpfully, there is a huge abundance of gadgets and apps on the market specifically for this purpose (we suspect Candy Crush was invented just for the moment you discover your flight is delayed by another two hours). Some, make sense and are actually used every single day by millions of worldwide travellers and some are just plain weird. Alpha Travel Insurance have listed the definitive ten strangest travel gadgets:

#1 UpRight Sleeper
You may have seen this before, and the idea went viral a couple of months ago. Basically, this gadget holds your head up in a sort of neck brace/frame, allowing you to sleep whilst sat or even standing upright without doing that really annoying thing where you sleep with your dribbly-chin on your chest, swaying from side to side (and waking up to a really sore neck!) Continue reading

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Duck Joins Lads on Epic 1,000 Vietnamese Motorbike Adventure

When Dan McAllen, 21 from Northern Ireland, and his mates bought motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam at the beginning of their planned 1,000 mile journey around the country, he wasn’t bargaining on getting a free travel buddy in the form of a negotiation from the motorbike dealer.

Oh – the travel buddy was a duck.

“I came across this guy in Ho Chi Minh selling his bike and while we were negotiating, he said I could have a free duck. Obviously, I said yes. So I got Rab and a couple of small bowls to feed him with. He was with us the whole trip and I’ve got some great memories of him.” said Dan, upon his return to the UK. Continue reading

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Explore Florida Keys From Your Own Home: Google Maps Underwater Kingdoms

Have you always wanted to visit an exotic location, learn to scuba dive and explore the treats the underwater worlds in locations such as Florida Keys, the Great Barrier Reef and the Galapagos Islands have to offer?

Now, curious explorers can go underwater in these fascinating destinations for free, and from the comfort of their own home.

Scientists and researchers are developing a ‘Google Street View’ type programme to hold information and pictures of the world’s coral reefs and other incredible underwater scenes, using special cameras which capture the 360-degree photos. Continue reading

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Austrian Ski Resort on Sale For Just 82p!

Skiing may be universally seen as a hobby of those a lot better off than most of us, but a resort in Austria’s Carinthia skiing region has gone on sale for just one euro…the equivalent of 82p.

Have you ever heard of the ski resort of Petzen?

Located just on the border of Slovenia, just a mere few kilometres where alpine racer Tina Maze started her path to worldwide domination, the area has a steep and rich skiing heritage, but the resort is up for sale at a bargain price. The Petzenbahnen was bought by the local authority’s tourism company for a multi-million price tag, but it is now back on the market for just under a pound – a hugely discounted sum.

Group ski Austrian Ski Resort on Sale For Just 82p!

Continue reading

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