International Ways of Getting Engaged

Whilst we’re used to the traditional on-one-knee moment here in the UK (and in many other Western countries) there are hundreds of ways people propose marriage to their other half in countries across the world – some have chosen to stay close to their roots and still carry out this sort of proposal whereas others have ditched their traditions in favour of the more mainstream style.

However, if you’re thinking of proposing to your other half on your upcoming holiday, and you want to surprise them, why not try out some of these internationally traditional methods? Continue reading

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Busting the Five Big Myths About Hitchhiking

When you tell people, friends and family, that you’re intending on hitchhiking your way across a country, or even multiple countries, you will often be greeted with worried expressions and comments about terrible things. Although it’s true when you say ‘there’s no smoke without fire’, but the fact that some hitchhiking horror stories are so famous are because they are so rare. Either way, it’s pretty difficult to face this sort of pessimism, and can definitely put you off when others inundate you with horror stories, but this sort of thing doesn’t happen all the time, everywhere.

Alpha are helping to bust the most popular myths about hitchhiking Continue reading

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Have a Break, Have a Chocolate Themed Holiday

Seeing as this week is National Chocolate Week, we’re taking it upon ourselves to celebrate with fervor (we’ve been through a couple of Dairy Milks already!) but we thought we’d also write about some of our favourite chocolate-themed destinations.

If you’re a big fan of the sweet treat, you don’t have to travel far to indulge in some of the best chocolate the world has to offer – including some pretty weird (but wonderful) creations. From the velvety truffles of Belgium to the nutty delights of Brazil, there are plenty of places to visit if you have a sweet tooth. Continue reading

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Backpackers

Every year, millions of Britons spend Christmas abroad, visiting such locations as Santa’s Grotto in Lapland, the Northern Lights in Iceland, or even spending the holiday in warmer climates, ranging from Spain to Dubai.

Many of these individuals will visit destinations such as these on backpacking holidays, staying in hostels and low-cost hotels. For these people, this is not a chance to get away from the stresses and strains of modern life but usually a learning experience – a chance to socialise with the locals and see what makes a region tick.

Regardless, Christmas is still the time for giving and the showing of goodwill. Chances are, you will want to buy something for one of these people and have come to this guide seeking inspiration. Fortunately, this document is designed to deliver plenty of great advice and help you find the perfect present.

snowman 1024x400 Christmas Gift Ideas for Backpackers

Continue reading

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Top 8 Street Food Dishes From Around the World

streetfood Top 8 Street Food Dishes From Around the World

Travelling abroad can mean a lot of time moving around and not a lot of time to browse the menus of several restaurants before making up your mind. Street food is cheap, easy and more often than not – the most hygienic food available.

Here at Alpha we think that one of the best things about travelling around the world (other than exploring the sights) is also exploring the local cuisine – a careful path to tread, especially if you’re particular with what you eat or have allergies. Anyway, here’s our list of the top eight street dishes from our favourite destinations:

Jerk chicken, Jamaica

Visiting Jamaica is a pretty great experience in itself – the sugary sands and the warm sun make for a blissful getaway from the UK, but millions of people return here not for the sea, sand and sun – but for the amazing street food. In particular, jerk chicken. Continue reading

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Our September Amazon Winner!

Testimonials Our September Amazon Winner!

Every month we give away a £15 Amazon voucher to one lucky customer who has written us a customer review. We are pleased to announce that the winner of our September draw is Mrs Louisa Evans from Manchester! As always it was really difficult to pick a winner as we receive so many lovely comments from our customers who have posted their reviews on Trust Pilot. Continue reading

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What to Do on an Airport Layover

Airport layovers really are the worst things about travelling – there really is nothing worse than having to add a few more hours onto what was already a long journey. Unfortunately, flights with layovers are often a lot cheaper than direct flights so when we’re looking at getting the best deal, the six-hour layover doesn’t sound so bad.

Luckily, layovers don’t have to mean empty hours ticking by whilst you’re waiting for your travel adventure to begin (or end – by the time you’re in an airport with a six hour layover, your adventure may be already over). There’s loads of stuff you can do whilst you’re waiting! Continue reading

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Top Destinations for your Overseas Stag Do

We’ve all seen Don’t Tell The Bride (whether we wanted to or not)- a groom-to be is given £12,000 to plan the wedding for his bride and usually ends up spending a decent amount of money on the stag-do.

Overseas stag weekends are becoming increasingly popular, especially as they offer an ideal city break for cheaper than you might find in the UK. Not just that, but you can make your stag-do that little bit more memorable by storming into Berlin and spending the entire weekend drinking German beer dressed in lederhosen – sounds good, right?

European cities are on our doorsteps, so it only seems fair that we take advantage of the culture, the cheap prices and the chance to have a stag weekend we’ll never forget. Continue reading

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Top Technology for Student Travel

laptop Top Technology for Student Travel

Just because your travels as a student are likely to be conducted in a minimalist fashion, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy the benefits of technology; whether you’re intending to go backpacking, enjoy a gap year, or just embark on a short trip during a break in your studies. Indeed, if the right gadgets are selected by discerning travellers, your time abroad can be made considerably easier, as they are often able to provide functionality that you would be otherwise missing.

For better or for worse, the days where backpacking involved cramming chunky or unfit-for-purpose technology and apparel into an ill-fitting bag, then lugging the resulting, excessively bulky deadweight around the world with you, are long gone. Many hardened veterans of such trips may argue that modern gadgetry and technology have robbed backpacking and gap years of their former challenge and character building aspects, but that would arguably be missing the point; travellers can now spend more of their trip actually enjoying themselves!

We’ve compiled a list below of some of the most interesting and useful travel gadgets for students about to dive into a gap year, or for those about to set off on a backpacking holiday. Continue reading

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Complete Our Winter Sports Survey & Win an Experience Day Voucher!

Enjoy the Slopes Complete Our Winter Sports Survey & Win an Experience Day Voucher!

We love an adventure.

Even more so when it involves fresh snow and a buzzing rush of adrenaline on skis or a snowboard. That’s why here at Alpha Travel Insurance we’ve launched our winter sports survey to find out exactly what you love about winter holidays and winter sports!

Our survey is very quick and easy to complete. You don’t have to be an existing customer of Alpha or purchase a policy to enter. And the best thing about entering is that you’ll be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a £50 e-voucher that can be used on

Click the button below to fill in the survey!

wintersurvey Complete Our Winter Sports Survey & Win an Experience Day Voucher! Continue reading

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