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Not Sure What You're Looking For?

Travel insurance can get a bit confusing and unless you’re a policy expert and know what you’re after, knowing what to buy can prove to be quite tricky.

First things first, there are a number of different policies you can buy, depending on where you’re going, what you want to do while you’re away and how long the trip will last.

They include:

Single Trip – A policy that covers one trip – this can be in the UK, Europe or Worldwide. The duration can be anything from three to 94 days. If you do go on one a trip a year then this is the policy for you.

Multi Trip – This policy covers an unlimited number of trips, in the UK, Europe and Worldwide, across a 12 -month period. If you are someone that tends to go away more than twice a year, this is much better value for money and saves you having to take out a new policy every time you go away.

Longstay – This cover if often found with Backpacker or Gap Year policies. It covers a trip of up to 24 months and allows you two return trips home during that time up to a maximum duration of 21 days each time. If you are planning on travelling and exploring the world (with some time to come home at Christmas or for a special birthday) this is the perfect policy for you.

Wintersports - This policy is all about the activities that it covers, which typically a policy wouldn’t unless you added it on as an extension. It is specific to skiing and winter adventure holidays so it’s important to get this cover if you are off on that kind of trip.

You can take out a Wintersports policy as either a Single or Multi-Trip. If a ski trip is your only holiday that year then a Single Trip policy is the best option, but if you are going away more than once (whether that’s skiing trips throughout the year or with a couple of beach holidays thrown into the mix as well), then a multi- trip policy is ideal. You’ll receive the same cover as you would with a standard Multi-trip policy, just with added Wintersports-related benefits such as cover for your ski passes, equipment, clothing and hired kit.

For more help busting that hard to understand insurance jargon, so you know exactly what your policy covers and how your travel insurance works, please visit out dedicated page here.

Available Policies

You can choose from one of the following travel insurance policies to suit your travelling needs;

So, you’ve decided what type of policy you need. Now, you need to decide what level of cover you want and how much excess you’re looking to pay in the event of a claim.

But what exactly is an excess? An excess is the amount of money that would be deducted from your pay-out should you make a claim. For example, if your excess is £175 and you made a claim for £500, if that was approved then you would receive £325.

Often the higher excess policies cost less and whilst this is more appealing initially, in the long run, should you need to make a claim you will get less money back. Paying just a little bit extra for a lower excess policy really can save you a lot of money.

At Alpha we want you to be able to decide what your excess is, which is why we tailored our cover to exactly that. You’ll notice our cover each has a different number at the end of it, such as “Alpha Zero” or “Alpha 50.” This determines how much excess there would be in the case of claim.

Our policies go from Alpha Zero (no excess) to Alpha 175 (£175 excess) with all these offering the same level of cover. The only difference is the excess that you would pay in the case of claim.

The only exception is Alpha Diamond. This product also has no excess, as well the cover level being quite a lot higher than our other standard policies, for that extra level of protection. Whilst this possibly is more expensive, it does provide the widest type of protection for both you and your trip. For example, should you abandon your travel plans, the standard cover is £1250, however with a Diamond policy this is £5,000. So, if you are going on a pricier holiday and want that extra financial protection, or you are just willing to send that little extra on your travel insurance, then diamond cover is for you.

Cover Levels

What are the benefits of an Alpha policy?

It’s very easy to just think all travel insurance is the same – they all cover a similar sort of thing, so you don’t really need to give it that much thought, right?

Actually, they’re all quite different, so it is important that you know exactly what it is that you’re buying and what you may have to pay later down the line.

Our policies have many benefits, some of which are:


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