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Medical Travel Insurance Claim Form

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If you fall ill or need emergency medical assistance abroad, the cost of care can potentially leave you with a huge medical bill. Although the price may be sky-high, rest assured that as long as you have contacted our appointed medical team prior to commencing treatment, our claims department will help to make the whole process as simple as possible.

This page will help you to understand what medical travel insurance is, how our claims team can help you and most importantly, how to begin your claim.

What is medical travel insurance?

Your medical travel insurance policy provides cover for any emergency medical expenses that you incur if you are suddenly taken ill or injured whilst on your holiday or trip.

Am I eligible to make a medical travel insurance claim?

In most cases you will be expected to pay for any out-patient treatment or medicines straight away, in which case you must keep all the receipts and submit them with your claim form when you return home. If you have been admitted to hospital, then the Emergency Assistance Service will have arranged for payment of any costs incurred - please note that even if this is the case you must still complete a claim form.

Please find below a snippet of the criteria for this section, but please check your individual policy wording for the full details. Our 24 Hour Emergency page also has some important information regarding medical assistance that you may find helpful.

You may be eligible to claim for:

You will not be covered for:

What is medical travel insurance?

All medical claims must be submitted via a claim form, which can be downloaded by visiting this page or by using the download button below. Please fill the form out clearly, accurately and as truthfully as possible, providing as much detail as possible to support your claim.

On the form, it clearly states what additional information and documentation is required in order to support your claim. We strongly recommend that you keep copies of all items that you send to us, just in case the originals are lost in the post.

Please note that if you have to come home early because of an illness or injury sustained on your holiday/trip you should also complete a curtailment travel insurance claim form.

Where to send your completed form

Once you have completed your claim form and attached all supporting documents, please send it to:

The Claims Department
1 Tower View
Kings Hill
West Malling
ME19 4UY

Turnaround time for all claims is dependent on seasonality and receiving your completed documentation.

For further information regarding our Claims Department and the claims process, please visit our Claims Information page.

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