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Japan Travel Insurance

Japan is very unique in the way that modern day life and hundreds of years' worth of tradition and history are displayed side by side, giving Japan the edge as a destination for travellers with varied tastes and interests.

The diverse architecture and history of the country aren't the only reasons you should add Japan to your wander list. The sensational Buddhist temples are iconic in Japan and are undoubtedly one of the country's biggest draws, as well as the traditional tea ceremonies that you can still attend in tea houses throughout Japan.

For those that enjoy a challenge, why not participate in a sumo-wrestling match at the Kokugikan arena? Or enjoy a sample of Japanese delicacy, blowfish, or 'fugu'?

Why choose Alpha if you’re travelling to Japan?

We are travel insurance specialists, and genuinely believe that our policies can offer policies to suit your needs at a budget-friendly price. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about sifting through hundreds of options – our policies all offer the same levels of cover, the only difference is the excess.

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What to do in Japan

With so much to see and do in Japan, we have come up with a few ideas for you to add to your must-do list!

Evening Food and Drink Tour in Osaka

Private Highlights of Kyoto Tour


Mt. Fuji, Yamanakako Onsen Experience Day Trip

Tip! According to Japanese custom, people with tattoos are not permitted to go into onsen.

*Prices and information correct as at August 2018

Advice for travelling to Japan

Entry Requirements

You are able to enter Japan as a British Citizen for up to 90 days without a visa, you may need to produce your return ticket for this. Your passport needs to be valid for the duration of your stay only.


Facilities in Japan are great but the cost of treatment is high, which is another reason why travel insurance is so important before travelling here.

It is recommended that you have a Tetanus vaccine before travelling.

Some will also need the following (your GP will confirm this)

As always, we recommend you see your GP 4-6 weeks prior to travelling and click here for more information.

Useful Info:

CurrencyJapanese Ren-
Click here for the current exchange rate.

The country prefers cash and you may have problems using credit/debit issued outside of Japan.
Capital CityTokyo
Population Over 120,000,000
Emergency InfoPolice: 110

Ambulance/Fire: 119
Tipping ProtocolIt is not mandatory, and they may politely refuse them.

If you really want to tip, ensure it is in a sealed, decorative envelope and when handing to recipient you bow slightly.
Drinking Age20 years – although the government are looking into lowering this to 18 by 2022.
WeatherEarthquakes/Tsunamis are relatively regular as it is a major earthquake zone – keep an eye on any warnings here
Tropical Cyclone season is between June-December – these are monitored here
SeasonsSpring – March until May

Summer – June until August

Autumn – September until November

Winter – December until February
Languages spokenJapanese
PhrasesHello – Hola

Hello – Kon'nichiwa

Good Morning – Ohayōgozaimasu

How are you? – Ogenkidesuka?

How much please – Ikuradesu ka

Good night – Oyasumi
Plug Type100V
Driving sideLeft Hand Side
Local Laws/CustomsSome swimming pools, hot springs, beaches and some gyms do not admit anyone with tattoos, whereas others will ask that they are covered.

Ensure you are polite at all times.
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