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Adventure Travel Insurance

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Everyone loves a relaxing holiday once in a while, but what about when you want more than just a flip flop getaway? Imagine going away to a place where your choice of activities is only restricted by your imagination and appetite for adventure. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or braving it for the sake of making memories, there’s something for everyone, from banana boating and heliskiing to zorbing and gorilla trekking (yes that’s actually a thing)! Adventure holidays are all about having incredible experiences, plus just think of those Instagram pictures…seriously why wouldn’t you want to go and have the time of your life?

Why choose Alpha for your Adventure Travel?

At Alpha, we’re not about overcomplicating things. We focus on providing policies with no unnecessary extras, that meet the needs of your trip…it’s that simple. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, you can rest assured you’re in the best hands!

There’s a number of benefits to choosing us:

What activities are included?

Alpha puts YOU in the driving seat! Simply type your chosen activity or activities into the options page of the quote process and you’re good to go. All of our activities are grouped into activity packs, which vary depending on whether you’ve chosen a Single or Multi Trip, Long stay or Winter sports Policy, so make sure you read through all the information to ensure you’ve chosen the best cover for you! Whether its aerobics or air boarding, we offer an extensive range of activity cover.

Any customer who purchases an Alpha policy will automatically receive activity pack 1 as standard. Those who purchase a Winter sports Policy specifically will receive both activities packs 1, 2 & 3 100% FREE! Click here to find out more!

Extreme Adventure

We know that for you adrenaline lovers out there archery probably doesn’t quite have that thrill factor that you’re after. Don’t fear…there’s so many crazy activities that exist that’ll push your limits to another level! You’ve probably already heard of parachuting and drag racing (both terrifying) but what about bouldering, cave tubing and ice diving? These promise to be an exhilarating experience and guess what…we cover them! Because of the nature of these insane activities, they are grouped within a higher pack number, a ‘daredevils’ pack if you will (with all preceding packs included). The more extreme the activity the higher the pack number tends to be, for example, free diving is in pack 8, so be sure to read through all the information so you chose the right one!

Adventure Travel for Seniors

Alpha has something for everyone, so it’s never too late to have your own little adventure. We provide a range of policies and activity packs all with different age limits:

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*Please note, our online prices automatically include a 15% discount. 

Adventure Travel FAQs

My activity isn’t in the activity pack, will you still cover it?

If you are not able to find your chosen activity don’t panic! We may still cover it, just contact us to discuss what you’re after.

Do you cover extreme sports?

Yes…we’d hate for you to miss out on all the fun! We cover a huge range of activities including extreme sports. They tend to be in the higher numbered packs (with preceding packs included) so check which one’s best for your adventure!

I’m going backpacking for the year and want to take part in lots of activities what would be the best policy to purchase?

You’ve come to the perfect place. We offer Backpacker Travel Insurance, which allows you to choose the activity pack that suits your adventure the best. There are four activity packs available and we offer pack 1 FREE…enjoy!

Do you cover medical conditions?

We cover a range of conditions including asthma, diabetes, arthritis and heart conditions. For more information click here!

I want to work abroad; will you cover me?

You are automatically covered for working abroad in a bar or restaurant (activity pack 1), however we do not cover manual labour, which we class as work involving the lifting or carrying of heavy items exceeding 25 kg, work at a higher level than two storeys or any type of work underground.

Available Policies

You can choose from one of the following travel insurance policies to suit your travelling needs;

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