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Ski Season – The Quick pack guide

It's the same with any and every trip, knowing what to pack feels like a mystery even if you’ve done it one thousand times. Packing for a ski season is going to be slightly different from packing for winter sun (there’s a little more snow and not quite as much beach) but just a few essential items will keep you warm, headache free and in-touch with the rest of the world while you enjoy your life as a seasonaire.

Your ski season, pack to survive!


All of the socks that you can lay your eyes on. Socks get wet and your feet get cold and sometimes this can even make you sick. You can never have enough socks.


Expect more than a few big nights out. Seasonaire’s party hard. There are some fantastic wintersports festivals, depending on where you’re going. No one wants a headache when they plan to hit the slopes bright and early. You’ll want to make the most of your days in-between working, so painkillers will become your lifeblood.

Extension Lead

Remember those hangovers we just spoke about? Yeah. There will be days on your ski season when all of the painkillers in the world won’t do anything to budge the burden. Grab yourself an extension lead and relax in bed with all necessary electronics nearby.

Head Torch

After this, it may well seem like a lot of your essentials are focused around partying… they are. Grab yourself a head torch and easily navigate your way back to your accommodation. It’s easy to miss the last back bus from town and as you can imagine, transport options are limited up in the mountains. There might be times where you end up having to walk. It can get super cold at night and dangerous if you’ve had a drink or five. We advise that you always try to make your way around in groups but even still, having a head torch handy will make sure you don’t stray from the track.

A Watch

Doing a ski season is the perfect opportunity to enhance and perfect your skills. When you’re out on the slopes it’s likely you’ll be on a strict schedule, to make sure you’re back in time for work. It’s very easy to get carried away and forget the time. Working resorts are strict, being late for work one too many times could mean the end of your season. Get yourself a cheap watch before you go to keep track of the time. Getting one cheap means that it doesn’t matter too much if you lose it or it breaks, just order another one.

International Sim and Compatible Phone

You’re going to need to nab yourself an international sim card. Without one you could end up racking up a huuuuge bill while you’re away. It’s easy to get a little home sick and Wi-Fi can be temperamental. Grab the sim card in case of emergency or quiet nights in – there will be a handful.


Your ski season awaits

This list, a few home comforts (We vote Marmite) and of course your ski gear and you’re ready for nights in, nights out and have all provisions packed for the time in between.

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