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Our iPad Mini Facebook Competition Winner!

Recently we launched an exclusive Facebook competition for one lucky winner to get their hands on an iPad Mini! We had a staggering amount of entries but could only choose one winner - Bex Allum, 22, from Norfolk! Congratulations!

When we contacted Bex about her win, she said "Wow, brilliant! I am so pleased and delighted to have won! Thank you! I'm going to be giving the iPad to my daughter as it is her birthday soon - she will be delighted! :)"

In this blog we caught up with her to ask what we would find in her holiday suitcase, find out about her desert island survival plan and what makes the perfect trip! Check it out!

I have 2 wonderful daughters aged 2 and 4 - they are my world.

I can play the flute, piano and bass recorder.

I volunteer at our community group Funky Families where we provide low cost trips and hold a weekly group for the local community and young children. The group is ran solely by volunteers and I am the secretary. We go on day trips to local attractions including Thetford Forrest 'Go Ape' adventure park. The weekly group is an opportunity for families to meet and have fun, do crafts, complete training and make new friends. We all support each other and have put on fundraising events during the year such as our most popular event, the Christmas Ball, in which we sold raffle tickets and held an auction to raise funds for the group.

funkyfamiliesPhoto of some of our volunteers outside the community centre we hold our group at.

I have been to Spain, Majorca, Portugal, Lanzarote & France. I enjoyed visiting Spain the best because I visited as a child and have fond memories spending time with my family around the pool and enjoying a BBQ in the hazy summer evening.

I would take my partner and children to Spain. We are yet to travel all together as a family on a plane so would be a first experience for my children.

I would love to travel to New York as it looks amazing. I would also love to visit Australia, Hawaii & Dubai. My partner has been to Dubai and says it is a beautiful place.

Lots of bikinis, shorts and flip flops. I hate washing clothes on holiday so end up taking far too much!

Suit Case

Economy, but hopefully one day I'll live the high life in business class (maybe when my children move out, ha ha!)

Great people, sunshine and lots of laughs. You can stay in the most hideous of accommodation but still have a wonderful time so long as you have the right people with you. :)

Losing luggage or being pick pocketed. I am so careful as my Nan had her bag stolen on holiday. I always split my money and basically hug my bag tightly! I do always buy travel insurance before my holiday as I think it is important to ensure you are not going to be in a muddle in a unknown place, it helps you feel at ease in a new country knowing that you have help if something happened.

My travel highlight so far was my trip to Paris. I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and the view was so beautiful. You can see for miles. I would definitely visit again.

My beautiful children - they make me so proud!

Keira Knightley would play me - she was amazing in the pirates of the Caribbean and we share the same star sign (Aries). We both love charity work and she is English like me.

I would enjoy the peace and quiet! I would spend most of my time fishing and then try to find a clean water source from a clear river.

Yes - I won a trip to London last year to meet JLS at the Lipsy perfume launch at the club Gilgamesh, an exclusive VIP event for celebs and the press. We were the only other guests to the event - it was amazing! We met a lot of the cast of 'The Only Way is Essex' and a few other celebrities from Hollyoaks alongside members of the boyband 'Blue'. A once in a lifetime experience that both my friends and I enjoyed very much! (P.S. I'm wearing the gold & black dress).


I would take them to the Norfolk Coast as we have so many beautiful beaches (Sheringham and Cromer are our family favourites). We would have fish & chips and on the beach with a nice cream.

I would travel back in time to 1600, but would stay in England so that I would meet William Shakespeare. His plays were amazing and are still inspirational to this day.

I would live in Spain, produce my own wine and have a little shop to sell it in. I would also enjoy painting in my spare time and have my own art exhibition.

Water and Shade on Beach

New York or Italy?

Warm weather or cold adventure?

Bungee jump or snorkel?

Tequila Sunrise or Jé¤gerbomb?

Rest and relaxation or fun and adventure?

Backpack or suitcase?

Plan your trip or take the beaten track?

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