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How to Cope With Homesickness

Homesickness is a type of anxiety that you feel when everything - your surroundings and your life at that current moment feel unfamiliar and less stable for a variety of reasons. It occurs for a number of reasons; culture shock after arriving in a situation totally different to what we're used to, life without our long-term friends, family and the comforts of home, or our coping mechanisms with the stress of living in another country aren't quite up to scratch.

Despite how much you love travelling, how often you do it or how much you want to do it, huge transitions between countries and cultures are bound to be difficult for all of us as we try to adapt and settle in as quickly as possible - it's a survival instinct; the quicker you fit in and integrate with the new population, the less vulnerable you are.

The idea and planning behind travel generally incites anticipation, excitement and sometimes anxiety. Those worrying about leaving home and setting off on a new adventure often overcome their apprehension when they arrive in the new setting, quickly learning to adapt and fit in, but some find that the transition from home to away takes longer and are more preoccupied with home-focused thoughts.

Symptoms of homesickness include:

If you're likely to or are suffering from homesickness, it's important to know that it will all be okay. If your travel experience this far hasn't been what you expected, don't worry. You may have just been unlucky and had to share a hostel with people who are crazy or use the words 'banter' and 'YOLO' non-ironically. The important thing is to give it time - it takes a while to become comfortable and familiar with things, and this will start to show to other people around you.

Your vulnerability to suffering from homesickness has been analysed by experts (hasn't everything?), and they've come up with this comprehensive list detailing factors which may make you feel anxious and depressed whilst away:

Tips for long stay travel and homesickness

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