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How to Cope With Heat Abroad

Jetting off abroad in search of sand, sea, sun, lounging by the pool and palm trees may be your idea of a dream holiday... Sometimes a two week sunshine break can be just what the doctor ordered. However, if you are not prepared for the heat, the change in climate and humidity can sometimes be too much to handle.

Check out our top tips to cope with heat abroad this Summer and stay safe in the sun!

Keep hydrated!

The hot climate will mean that your body will lose more water than usual in the form of sweat. Carrying a bottle of water with you at all times will enable you to stay hydrated. If you are drinking alcohol or caffeine infused beverages, this will in fact dehydrate you further - always ensure that you have an accompanying glass of water.

Protect yourself!

Swapping tight clothing for loose tops, long skirts or baggy shorts will help your body to breathe and make you feel cooler. Light coloured linen and cotton clothes are the best to wear in the hot sunshine. Wearing sunglasses matched with wide brimmed hats will also help to keep your face protected from the sun.

And always make sure you wear a sun cream with a good level of protection!

Make the most of the shade!

The middle of the day is when the heat is at its strongest, and less intense during the earlier and later stages of the day. Make the most of the outdoors during the cooler moments and take a break indoors during the peak times when the danger to your health is at its highest.

Watch your pace!

Although there may be lots of things you want to see and do on your trip, try to avoid rushing and take things slower and steadier. Slowing down your usual walking pace may feel strange at first but will help your body to avoid exhaustion and further dehydration.

Be careful!

If you use air conditioning units to help you sleep, switch these on half an hour before bedtime and while you are out of the room. Did you know that using air conditioning on a regular basis and blowing air directly on to your body can cause further complications including stiff joints?

Wherever you go, be it Thailand, Majorca, Spain or the Maldives, always make sure that you have an adequate level of travel insurance to protect you in the event of the unexpected. Alpha Travel Insurance has a wide range of policies available including Single Trip, Multi Trip and Longstay travel insurance.

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