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Boy Bitten By Mystery Fish on Holiday

Heading to the beach whilst abroad, chilling out on the sandy shore with the sun rays beaming across your skin and taking a dip in the refreshingly cool sea, is most people's idea of heaven. However not for one ten year old boy and his family, who ended up being bitten by a mystery sea creature whilst taking a swim in the sea in Benidorm.

The attack happened at Poniente Beach near the famous Costa Blanca resort in Benidorm, which resulted in hundreds of tourists being forced out of the water for more than 30 minutes whilst police were called and searched the area for the fish. The ten year old boy who was bitten by a mystery fish, was left with a large circular imprint of teeth marks on the right side of his stomach.

The unnamed child was bitten by the 2ft dangerous 'greyish-green' fish after spotting and trying to touch it whilst he was swimming in the sea near to the shore. A local news website fuelled further panic with local residents and tourists, sparking rumours of a shark attack being the reason why the beach had been closed. The popular beach was reopened around midday with no further fish sightings, however a photograph of the injury was sent to a marine institute in Valencia so that marine experts can try to identify what type of fish it was.

The injured boy sought medical attention on site at one of the beach's first aid centres and thankfully did not need to go to hospital.

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