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Austrian Ski Resort on Sale For Just 82p!

Skiing may be universally seen as a hobby of those a lot better off than most of us, but a resort in Austria's Carinthia skiing region has gone on sale for just one euro...the equivalent of 82p. Have you ever heard of the ski resort of Petzen?

Located just on the border of Slovenia, just a mere few kilometres where alpine racer Tina Maze started her path to worldwide domination, the area has a steep and rich skiing heritage, but the resort is up for sale at a bargain price. The Petzenbahnen was bought by the local authority's tourism company for a multi-million price tag, but it is now back on the market for just under a pound - a hugely discounted sum.

Why so cheap? Well, the local tourism company are hoping that a large investor will buy the resort and spend any other money on developing the region around it, attracting more tourists and boosting the local economy.

The resort itself has a total of 26 kilometres of runs (16.15 miles), a snowboard park, cross-country skiing runs and a skating rink.

For tourists intending to visit in the winter, the ski resort has one restaurant, four ski huts, a children's nursery slope with lift, a ski school and a shop which is offering equipment hire.

Carinthian governer Peter Kaiser works for the ruling Social Democrats and said that any other option, including allowing the resort to simply close, would end up costing over five times as much as just selling it for an extremely low amount.

"œThe resort is a valuable part of the local economy and must be saved to ensure jobs and tourism are protected." he said.

Reports have recently shown that winter holiday bookings to Austria have risen significantly, with skiiers of all ages and abilities drifting away from the more expensive resorts in places such as Italy, Switzerland and France in favour for the Austrian slopes, where many of the minor resorts (excluding Petzen) have invested heavily in infrastructure, developing new pistes and ski lifts as well as beefing up on their marketing campaigns in order to attract more visitors.

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