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An Amazon Adventure

Two students from Cambridge University have just become the first people in the world to travel all the way down the entire length of the Amazon River. The river itself is the second longest in the world at an impressive length of 2,077 miles, but this was simply a challenge waiting to be completed for students Mark de Rond and Anton Wright.

However their challenge wasn't all smooth sailing, as they came face to face with tropical winds and storms, equipment that broke and medical issues which included infections and an abscess. The biggest challenge they had to overcome was near the end of their trip in which an unexpected freak storm broke out. It nearly forced their journey to come to an end as their boat was rapidly filling up with water and the boat could sink at any minute. Although they were quickly helped to safety by a local boy who spotted they needed help.

Overall the pair completed their quest in a total of 32 days and raised an impressive £2,048 for charity.

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