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boy carrying clay in wooden vessel on his head

What is a Responsible Tourist? (And our guide to being one)

Posted on January 13, 2017

Tourism is on the rise, and understandably so, the world is full of spectacular sights and unique wildlife, that everyone should see in their lifetime. However, this increased exploration is sometimes being actioned in a manner that is impacting local communities and resources. Strong campaigns are in motion to stand up for the well-being of our planet - our continued mistreatment of it is leaving damning effects. Read more

male African elephant in Amboseli National park

Wildlife in Tourism and What You Didn’t Know

Posted on

Most of us can say that at least one friend has posted a ‘tiger selfie’ or a photo of them riding an elephant on their amazing round-the-world travels on some form of social media. What most don’t know, however, is the complete lack of animal welfare involved in these high-demand tourist attractions.
Read more

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