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Policy Add-ons and Extensions

Do you need extra cover?

Here at Alpha, we understand it's not always one-size-fits-all, so we've developed a range of policy add-ons and extensions to suit everyone's needs. You can add these on during the online quote process when you first purchase a policy, or if your travel plans change at a later date, contact us and add them on - it's that easy!

We specialise in travel, so to get you the right cover at the right prices, we've teamed up with some experts to bring you our Gadget extension.

You MUST check that you have the cover you need, so take a look at the full range of policy extensions available to you using the tabs below:

Gadget Extension

man sitting against pole that overlooks jungle whilst looking at his table

If you’re taking any iPhones, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, Cameras, fancy Headphones, E-Readers or anything of that calibre, you’ll need to add the Gadget Extension onto your policy for these to be covered. This extension is brought to you by Taurus, our third-party gadget insurers who are all tech-savvy and specialise in all things gadget.

§Worth a note – we cover Laptops up to £500 as standard on all policies under the Personal Possessions section! Please refer to our Policy Wording for more information.

Activity Packs

Prainha do Pontal de Atalaia, Arraial do Cabo, Região dos Lagos

If you’re planning on doing any activities on your trip, being it football on the beach, banana boating, or something a little bit more obscure maybe, you’ll need to check these are included in your policy and covered for. All of our policies come with Activity Pack 1 included free of charge, but you can add up to 8 packs in some cases! Take a look at all of our Activity Packs by policy here.

Cruise Extension

Caribbean sea and cruise ship and wood pier

If you’re off to sail the seas on a cruise holiday, then you’ll need our ‘Cruise Extension‘ on your policy. You can add the cruise cover onto all single and multi-trip policies, where it’ll cover you for up to 31 days of plain sailing. Included are things like compensation for cabin confinement, missed port stops due to injury/illness etc etc…check out the full details here.

Stop-Over Extension

maintenance of civil aircraft in JFK airport

The Stop-Over Extension is available on our Longstay/Backpacker insurance policies. It’s designed so that you can explore somewhere outside of your chosen geographical area for a limited time, without having to upgrade your whole policy. E.g. if you have an Australasian Longstay policy, but you decide to come home via San Francisco? No problem, add the Stop-Over extension on to cover you for those few extra days in the USA.

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