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What happens abroad, stays abroad – Our guide to a Lads Holiday

Packing your bags and heading for the party islands abroad has virtually become a summer ritual for most ‘lads’ in the UK. Every summer we see groups of boys setting off abroad full of enthusiasm, who often then return a week later in need of some R&R.

Often travelling abroad with the intentions of letting their hair down, and quite frankly creating memories that they’re probably not going to remember; we’ve found all the essentials to make sure you have the ultimate “LADS” holiday!

With so many places to visit and some amazing deals up for grabs, what better time to book your 2020 lads holiday? And if you use code *TWENTY20 we will give you 20% off your policy with us!

Disclaimer: we have to say this, please drink responsibly!


After partying all night, why let your fun stop there? Boat parties are only for the hardcore, who can party all day and all night. Shake off the tiredness, round your friends up and set off to the sea to continue the party wave (excuse the pun).

Picture this; warm weather, music, meeting new people, all whilst floating around in the middle of the ocean, what’s not to love about boat parties? Often hosted by a well-known DJ, why not dance to the music in the ultimate location or even use the day time rave to try and socialise with a new group of lads and organise the ultimate night out later on.

I mean when you find yourself in the middle of the ocean, who doesn’t want to embarrass themselves and be the first to belly-flop in the sea? Once in a safe area, boat parties normally give everyone the chance to show off their finest dive, often resulting in the best dive receiving some sort of prize.

Seen as one of the fundamentals when going abroad, make sure you get your tickets in early to avoid missing the boat!



If you’re in need of a rest after all that partying, there is no better place to unwind and top up the tan than the beach! Usually just a five-minute stroll from your resort, it takes no effort at all to get there. Get the loungers out and soak up the sun.

If you’ve still got energy left and want the party to continue, pack up the sun lounger and get involved in the activities. At virtually every ‘LADS’ holiday destinations, there’s bountiful activities to do on the beach; from hiring out pedalos, a bit of volleyball on the beach or even jumping on a banana boat ride.

boat ride


Fancy a night out, that you’ve probably never experienced before? How does a paint party sound?

Don’t dress to impress at this event, after a few hours of partying, those lovely white shirts you bought especially for the occasion are left covered in paint, leaving you looking more like a traffic light. But don’t let this put you off. Often one of the busiest events of your holiday, the paint party is sure to be one to attend.

After having a few nights out hitting the strip, why not mix it up and go for something a bit extreme! For as little as €20 you can dance the night away to banging tunes whilst being peppered by UV paint, definitely a night to remember - it sounds like a must from over here!

paint party

Whether you manage to fit all the essentials in or maybe just one or two, remember to purchase the appropriate travel insurance policy, to protect your bank account and most importantly yourself against any holiday disasters. But don’t forget, your claim could be denied if it was caused by excessive alcohol consumption, so try to be sensible when it comes to drinking - after all you don’t want a hangover to ruin your holiday. With Alpha, single trip policies start as little as £9.62¹ so get covered and get yourself on that plane to the ultimate party destination.

*Please note, our online prices automatically include a 15% discount. This code gives you an extra 5% off, making a total saving of 20% online against our call centre prices. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. This code does not apply to medical premiums or any optional extensions. Valid from 02/01/20 to 10/02/20.

¹ Pricing based on an individual, aged 30, travelling to Spain, for 3 days, if purchased within the two weeks prior to travelling on an Alpha 175 Single Trip policy. Prices correct as of 19/12/2023

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