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Scheduled Airline Failure

Travel insurance that covers Scheduled Airline Failure is a valuable addition to your existing travel insurance policy, offering an additional layer of protection should things go wrong.

No one ever expects their airline or tour operator to go bust, but if that happens it can leave you with an expensive holiday disaster on your hand, or even stranded abroad!

At Alpha Travel Insurance, we want to provide you with the best cover to protect your trip. We've created a specialist travel extension that covers Scheduled Airline Failure and can be added on to any one of our policies to give you that added peace of mind should anything go wrong.

What does a Scheduled Airline Failure extension cover?

For an affordable additional premium, this extension to your travel insurance provides a wide range of cover including those listed below:

How do I purchase the Scheduled Airline Failure extension?

If you would like to purchase the extension of cover and you don't already have a policy with us, please click 'Get a Quote' and this can be added once you reach the options page in the checkout. Alternatively please contact us and we will be happy to add this on to your existing Alpha policy.


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