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Solo Travel for the Millennial Female

Travelling the world might not be on your bestie's bucket list, but that's no reason to take it off yours! Solo travel, in particular, female solo travel is on the rise, and here's why...

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Research shows an upwards trend in solo female travel, with a whopping 230% increase in the number of women-only travel companies over the past 6 years! It's thought that this could be down to the huge growth that social media has seen in recent times; with more online interaction and communication, we feel more empowered and safe to travel alone.

Why Solo Travel?

Why not? No need to convince one of your friends to save up and come with you, go it alone! Solo travel opens up the doors for so many opportunities; you can do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it, wherever! Basically, it's all about you, excellent. Plus, you're more likely to chat and meet some great people on the way if you're open to that. There are some great travel apps out there now too: some connect people while they're in different countries, giving you a chance to share great places to visit, eat etc, some are handy to book hostels and group activities to meet people and some are all about the safety. We quite like Hostelworld and GeoSure, so hop onto the app store now and check them out yourself.

The biggest barrier to solo travel (especially as a solo female!) is in most cases the safety aspect, if you're a fearless wannabe-solo traveller, then it's probably your family's fear for you! But fear not my friends, solo travel doesn't need to be a daunting maze of safety pitfalls. We've popped together some top tips for the millennial female solo traveller to help to stay safe and in touch with family and friends along the way!

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