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Student Insurance

Student living away from home? Relax in and out of term time by insuring all your bits and bobs at your Uni address with Insurancefair Student insurance.

Take complete ownership of your home away from home and protect all your items such as bikes, laptops and clothes, as well as loaned uni property (those library books come with a hefty price tag, believe us!), all in one really is that easy. The Insurancefair student policies also include cover for compensation of missed exams and reimbursement of tuition fees. Dandy.

smiling young woman lying on white carpet studying with books and laptop in modern living room

Get a lovely 20% discount if you purchase online (we know how you students love a discount), and there's even a super low excess of £49.

Insurancefair student benefits include the following:

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Insurancefair also does a range of other family insurance packages.

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