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Pet Insurance

Don't forget your fluffy little friend...Insurancefair offer a brilliant range of pet insurance packages, tailored to look after your bestie throughout the duration of their life. After all, they are part of the family!

With four levels of cover, you and your pet are spoilt for choice and have the freedom to choose a policy which suits your exact needs.

dog hanging tongue out of mouth with ears blowing in the wind as he sticks his head out a moving car

Shockingly, almost 80% of pet owners in the UK do not insure their pets! With a whopping £452 million paid out by insurers last year for vets bills, it's madness to think people run the risk of fronting the bills themselves. With an average of 2 claims a year per pet, things could add up pretty quickly, but with Insurancefair pet covering veterinary fees of up to £7,000, you can rest easy knowing your pooch is looked after properly.

Insurancefair pet benefits include the following:

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What Pets do you offer cover for?

Insurancefair Pet can cover Cats and Dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds

How old do they have to be before I can insure?

Insurance can start once your pet is 6 weeks old

Can you have more than one pet on the policy?

Of course, no need to get a policy per pet (ooh alliteration), there is a handy multi-pet option available too.

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