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Know Your Excess

Paying a few pennies more now, really could save you hundreds in the event of a claim.

What is an excess?

The excess on a policy is the amount you will be asked to contribute in the event of a claim. With Alpha, the only thing that changes between the policies is the excess and you have the freedom to choose which one you want! The trick is to be savvy when deciding which excess you choose; you’ll have to weigh up whether you’re happy to pay a couple of pounds more now for a lower excess if you need to claim, or whether you’d prefer to pay a larger excess if you claim to save a bit on your policy now. The choice is yours.

What excesses are available?

We offer £0, £50, £75, £100, £150 and £175 excesses with our policies. When choosing, please bear in mind the amount you would have to pay when claiming, and that the policy excesses are applicable per person, per claim. For example:

The average holiday costs £500 per person. If there were 4 travellers on an Alpha 175 policy and they had to claim for cancellation, they would each have to pay a £175 excess, totalling £700, so they would only get back 65% of their holiday cost. If they were on an Alpha 50 policy, four lots of £50 excess comes to a total of £200 so they would get back £1,800 – that’s 90% back!

The difference in price between a 175 and a 50 policy? Less than the cost of glossy magazine at the airport!


Now you know your excesses and the options available to you, go ahead and get your quote!


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