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COVID-19 Swab Test

It’s safe to say that everyone is ready for a holiday and the second this travel ban is lifted, we’re all going to be booking our next escape.

Post Covid-19 it probably won’t be as simple as booking a trip and jumping on a plane! The fact is in order to travel you may to have a fit-to-fly certificate, which you would only be able to get by having a negative Covid-19 test.

Private Covid-19 tests are by no means cheap. Quite often these companies charge you over the odds, with no guarantee of fast results or Next Day delivery. The last thing you want is to be waiting around for test results especially when your holiday depends on it.

That’s why we have partnered with RightAngled, a test-at-home Covid-19 test company. They have given us a 15% discount to offer to our customers, so you can order a test with peace of mind that you’re going to get your results quickly, and for a reasonable price. Simply visit their site and purchase the test with discount code ‘TIFCOVID15’ to save 15%.

What is the test?

The test is similar to the NHS Covid-19 tests, except you don’t have to travel to a testing site and queue – instead it’s delivered straight to your door.

Next Day delivery is available so there’s no need to panic if you only have a week till your departure date.

The test itself is a simple self-swab, which you then send to the RightAngled lab, where they will give you your results within 24 hours. You will get your results online, so there’s no need for an appointment. Providing the test is negative you can then download and print your fit-to-fly certificate – simple!

What if the test is positive?

Imagine if you’re packed and ready to go and then you test positive! However, if you do have an Alpha policy which you have taken out post the 12th November 2020, then you’ll benefit from our enhanced coronavirus cover. This includes cancellation cover in the event that you or anyone on your policy have tested positive up to 14 days before your trip.

Why buy a RightAngled Covid-19 test?

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