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What is ‘Extreme’ Snowboarding?

Are you an avid snowboarder that can't get enough of the snow, sun, and the adrenaline through your veins? Have you racked up enough experience of the slopes that you could do it blindfolded? Maybe you've even tried!

You have conquered the snowboarding slopes, but have you considered upping your game and trying 'extreme' snowboarding?


Extreme snowboarding is a freestyle type of snowboarding on uneven terrain, otherwise known as 'off-piste'. Riders have to avoid or travel over mountain obstacles including, but not limited to, rocks, trees, cliffs, gaps, or snow mounds. These mountainous slopes often resemble vertical drops past 45 degrees.


If you're thinking about taking up extreme snowboarding you need to be in excellent physical and mental condition, have experience on the slopes, and have backhand knowledge about what to do if an avalanche occurs. Extreme snowboarding is considered to be a highly dangerous sport and therefore you need to be able to think and react quickly in a dangerous situation, such as avalanches, blizzards, exhaustion or getting lost.

NOTE: Having the correct equipment with you does not make you safe whilst skiing off-piste, neither can it teach you how to handle the different conditions you will come across.  Off-piste areas are NOT monitored by staff at the resorts, so always let someone in authority know where you are going and hire a guide. Always invest in Ski Travel Insurance which covers you to ski off-piste, otherwise you may not be covered if something goes wrong - visit our dedicated Winter Sports pages for more information.

Make yourself aware of any local regulations.  In Piedmont, Italy, it is illegal to go off-piste without carrying a shovel, probe and transceiver.  In Switzerland, there are increasing reports of police questioning skiers suspected of setting off avalanches.

An avalanche transceiver is a purchase necessity before hitting the slopes - don't overlook them because of the price - it can save your life.

And remember - you are invaluable. 


Some locations to inspire you and get started include:


This list is not exhaustive but will give you some insight into what you need.  If you are in any doubt, please speak to a professional.


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