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The Impact of Generation Z on Travel

If you were born between 1995 and 2015- then welcome to the Generation Z club. You are (apparently) the group in society who are putting off romantic relationships in pursuit of a fulfilling career, less likely to experience a teenage pregnancy and unlikely to go to the cinema (what’s that about?).

Group of young adults

According to a recent report by The World Travel and Tourism Council you will have £34 billion in buying power and make up 40% of the population by 2020-and the stats don’t stop there.

And, thanks to you guys, the travel and tourism market is one of the fastest growing sections, accounting for more than 10% of global GDP in 2017 (WTTC Report). You may not realise it, but you are shaping the future of travel, initiating trends that five years ago weren’t even a thing.

You’re all about independence and flexibility which you believe helps to achieve personal fulfilment, be it in your personal or professional life. This means taking time out to perhaps go backpacking, which is something you won’t just sit and dream about, you’ll make it happen in a bid to experience new things and develop as a person.

You’re busy people, so you prioritise convenience and getting something quick, without any hassle. This makes you think outside of the box. Unlike other generations, no isn’t an answer (and that’s a good thing).

For example, five years ago, if a destination you wanted to visit only had unaffordable or fully booked accommodation available, then you would have had to change your plans. So, you demanded change- and change happened.  You initiated the creation of the sharing economy which allows for independence and flexibility. You may be wondering, what is the sharing economy? Airbnb is an example- it allows for regular people to ‘share’ their properties to anyone for however long they desire (at a cost of course). We’re talking anything from apartments to castles- there’s something for everyone and every budget. Who would of thought that booking a hotel would one day become outdated- well it might just happen?

You’re always after the truth and believe the best way to find that is by connecting with others, to understand why they think and live their life the way they do. This plays a large part in why so many young people take a gap year and go backpacking (long stay travel insurance). They want to explore other cultures and have their eyes opened to the many differences across the world. So maybe more of you will consider going on an adventure and exploring foreign lands in the future- we’ll have to wait and see.

Now we couldn’t talk about Generation Z, without addressing your love of social media. You guys check your accounts as much as 100 times a day! We get it, Instagram is addictive and it’s always interesting to see what other people are posting. And you don’t just upload any old photo, you put so much effort into your content- showcasing your aspirations and achievements. You view social media as a way to express yourself, meaning getting the perfect picture is everything. Some even go as far as to plan a holiday around their Instagram pictures- because you’ll do anything for the ‘gram. This means every aspect of travel has to up its game because if it isn’t Instagram worthy, do you really want to waste your time?

You want experiences, not only to feel fulfilled but also so you can upload photos across social media. These pictures show you as the most creative and adventurous version of yourself- so you stand out from the crowd. And that comes as no surprise, we live in a society where pressure is rife and no one wants to blend into the background. It’s a good job we cover so many activities (and the list will continue to grow)- so when you go away the world is literally your oyster and you can create memories that’ll last a lifetime.

There’s a million and one reasons why Generation Z are amazing, however, our favourite attribute is your desire to drive positive change- in fact, 60% of you aspire to do this. You want to go abroad and volunteer with charities and help make a difference. As much as you love a good Instagram shot, you’d rather visit a tiger sanctuary than take a selfie with one. That’s not to say you won’t share this on social media, but you’re just promoting a need for change and the importance of doing the right thing. With your help, one day animal cruelty within the travel industry will be banished- we have our fingers crossed. For more information, visit our blog on being a responsible tourist.

Of course, just because your generation Z, it doesn’t mean you’re restricted to these views- you are all individuals with your own thoughts and opinions. However, if you are planning a trip exploring new places, we offer a number of policies and add-ons tailored to your trip. Visit our travel insurance page.

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