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The do’s and don’ts when drinking abroad and claiming

When we’re away on our international adventures, indulging in local customs and experiences is part of the fun, and this often includes a few alcoholic drinks here and there. Whether it’s enjoying a glass of wine in France, exploring craft beers in Germany, or tasting rum in the Caribbean, these experiences can enrich our travels. However, drinking alcohol abroad comes with its own set of rules and precautions that are important to be aware of.

To ensure that your trip remains enjoyable and safe, and to help avoid complications with your travel insurance, it’s crucial to be aware of what to do and not to do when it comes to drinking alcohol abroad and claiming on your travel insurance, if the need arises. This guide will walk you through the essential do's and don’ts of drinking alcohol while traveling, providing you with tips to stay safe and ensure that your travel insurance cover helps protect against many unforeseen circumstances.

The do’s and don’ts when drinking abroad and claiming

What to do when drinking and claiming on travel insurance

1. Know your policy: Familiarise yourself with the cover and exclusions in your travel insurance policy before your trip. Also remember, you are not covered for when you drink too much alcohol which is evidenced by one of the following:
a) A medical practitioner stating that your alcohol consumption has caused or actively contributed to your injury or illness.
b) The results of a blood test which shows that your blood alcohol level exceeds 0.19% which is approximately 2.5 times the drink driving limit in the UK.
c) A witness report from a 3rd party or a police incident report.
d) Your own admission.

2. Drink responsibly: Enjoy alcohol in moderation and be aware of your limits to lower the chances of unforeseen circumstances occurring. Make sure to pace yourself to avoid excessive drinking or binge drinking, especially in unfamiliar environments.

3. Stay in control: Ensure you remain in control of your actions whilst drinking alcohol to prevent against accidents occurring and avoid engaging in risky behaviours or activities that could lead to accidents or injuries.

4. Seek medical assistance when needed: If you or someone else experiences any health or alcohol-related issues or accidents, seek prompt medical attention and advice. Additionally, to help support a claim ask the medical provider for a copy of all medical reports and keep the original receipts and prescriptions where possible.

5. Notify your insurance provider: Contact the Medical Assistance team straight away if you are admitted to hospital or contact the claims team as soon as possible if you have out-patient treatment and are looking to claim. Follow their procedures for filing a claim and provide accurate information and documentation.

What not to do when drinking and claiming on travel insurance

1. Don’t assume your covered: Don't assume that alcohol-related incidents are automatically covered by your travel insurance. Certain exclusions may apply, such as injuries sustained while intoxicated or participating in high-risk activities under the influence.

2. Don’t withhold information: Don’t withhold information about alcohol consumption from your insurance provider when filing a claim. Be truthful and transparent to prevent potential issues with cover.

3. Don’t engage in reckless behaviour: Don't engage in reckless behaviour while under the influence of alcohol, such as participating in extreme sports, driving under the influence or climbing from one hotel balcony to another. Violating policy terms can lead to claim denials and voided cover.

4. Don’t delay seeking assistance: Don't delay seeking medical assistance in the event of an alcohol-related incident or injury. Prompt medical attention is essential for your well-being and potential insurance coverage.

5. Don’t misrepresent facts: Avoid misrepresenting facts or exaggerating the circumstances of an alcohol-related incident when filing a claim. Provide accurate information and documentation to facilitate the claims process and ensure a prompt assessment.

By being aware of and following the do’s and don’ts outlined in this guide, you can hopefully enjoy your travels responsibly and help to prevent against common travel insurance issues when it comes to alcohol. By knowing your travel insurance policy, drinking responsibly and seeking medical assistance, when necessary, as well as being transparent with your insurance provider, you will help to ensure you are better protected.

On the other hand, making assumptions about what is and isn’t covered in relation to alcohol, withholding or misrepresenting information and engaging in reckless behaviour can lead to complications and denied claims, resulting in you most likely having to pay for any needed medical care or other costs. By being mindful of these recommendations, you can help protect your next trip away. If you are looking to get a travel insurance quote for your next holiday, click here. Safe travels and drink responsibly!

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