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Our Coronavirus Cover

As life slowly returns back to normal and we start to plan our next adventure, many of us may be tempted to risk travelling without any insurance. After all, there’s no cover for claims related to the coronavirus anymore, is there?

Wrong! At Alpha Travel Insurance, we want to reassure all of our customers that if you catch coronavirus or need medical treatment during your travels, then we’re here to help. All of our policies provide cover for emergency medical assistance as a result of the coronavirus. So, you can go exploring knowing that your health is our first priority.

Besides from this, why would you risk investing your hard-earned money into a trip and travelling to another country without any form of protection? Why chance losing your deposit or racking up unexpected medical bills during your trip?

Travelling is amazing but it also comes with many risks which have nothing to do with coronavirus, as we all know. For example, having your personal possessions stolen, missing your flight or even having to claim because you needed to see a doctor for a strange insect bite while on your travels. Travel insurance will protect you against these costs so that these unexpected mishaps don’t cut into your holiday spending money.

Like most current travel insurance policies, customers won’t be able to submit a claim for any other reason related to the coronavirus, such as trip cancellation, curtailment, or abandonment as the coronavirus is now classed as a ‘known event’. However, if your travel plans have been affected by covid-19, we may be able to amend your single trip travel insurance cover dates if you are able to rebook your trip for a later date.

For more information about coronavirus and your cover, please click here. Alternatively, if you have any further concerns please get in touch with our team and we’ll be more than happy to provide advice and guidance where possible.

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