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How will Brexit affect my holiday?

We’re finally getting out! After what feels like a lifetime of back and forth, we will be leaving the EU with a deal on January 31st. You may be thinking, what does this mean for travel? Well actually it means nothing – absolutely nothing will change. On January 31st we will enter a transition period until the 31st December 2020, whereby everything will remain the same.

If you are still feeling a little cautious about booking your next trip – just read on.

What does Brexit cover actually cover?

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Do I need to Brexit-proof my trip?

Put bluntly – yes. You should always protect your trip regardless of Brexit. However, given that the UK leaving the EU is common knowledge, you should make the most of it and protect yourself and your much-deserved holiday.

When are we leaving the EU?

The Withdrawal Agreement has been approved by The House of Lords and the Queen so it’s official, we will be leaving the EU with a deal on January 31st 2020.

Will I need a new passport to travel to Europe post-Brexit?

Providing your passport is valid on the date you return to the UK; any UK traveller can freely visit countries within the EU. During the transition period this will remain the same, however after December it is unknown what may happen.

Will I need a visa to travel to Europe post-Brexit?

You will not need a visa when travelling to the EU. However, it may become a necessity in 2021.

Will I still be able to use my EHIC card?

The EHIC will be valid until 31st December 2020.

The European Health Insurance Card, gives UK citizens access to free or discounted emergency healthcare when travelling in the EU. Us holidaymakers have relied on the EHIC for years, but keep in mind – you still need travel insurance!

If my flight is delayed, will I get any compensation?

No one wants to be delayed, we get it, it’s the worst! Now, under the European passengers’ right rules, UK travellers are eligible to claim compensation of up to €600 from the airline, based on how long they’re delayed for and the length of their flight. However, this does not apply to uncontrollable circumstances, for example horrendous weather.

An Alpha policy offers cover you should you be delayed, for more information click here.

Will my driving license still be valid in the EU post-Brexit?

If you’re a UK resident driving in an EU country post-Brexit you will only need a full UK driver license.

Currently, UK residents driving in an EU country require only a full UK driver’s license. It has been confirmed that under the Withdrawal Agreement this will continue as of 31st January 2020.

Keep in mind, travel insurance does not cover motor insurance, therefore if you are hiring a car or taking your own vehicle, then you will need to take out appropriate car insurance cover.

Will duty-free still be a thing after Brexit?

We all love a bit of duty-free and you’ll be pleased to know that, after Brexit you’ll still be able to stock up on cheap perfume, those massive Toblerone’s and your favourite bevy’s.

For more information on duty-free entitlements when you’re travelling to the EU, have a look at the European Commission website.

What happens if my tour operator cancels my holiday because of Brexit?

Understandably, there is a lot of worry surrounding holidays being cancelled. If you purchase a package holiday that is ATOL protected, you should be able to claim back your money. This includes holidays booked through an EU company.

If you bought your holiday via a credit card, then you might be able to claim the cost back from your credit card company.

If your holiday isn’t ATOL protected, then as long as your policy covers financial failure, you can make a claim.

Will my cover change after Brexit?

Both the EU and UK have confirmed that there has to be a ‘continuity of cover’ for insurance policies underwritten by EU and UK insurers.

This means that any policy purchased post-Brexit will offer the same cover as per the policy wording when it was purchased. This is the same for both EU and UK residents (where applicable).

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Have there been any cover changes to do with Brexit?

There have been no cover changes because of Brexit - our policies remain the exact same. For more information on our policies, click here.

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