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Best Travel Destinations for 2020/2021

The idea of travelling is quite strange at the moment, on the one hand we're all desperate to escape our lockdown bubbles and explore somewhere different, but on the other hand the concept of going on holiday can feel slightly overwhelming in the current climate.

Whether you're planning to travel this year or next, there is no reason we can't indulge in a little destination inspiration, and we're all entitled to have something to look forward to! Here are some destinations to add to your 'must visit' list, for whenever you're ready to jet off again.

(TOP TIP: Please ensure you check up to date FCDO advice on your chosen destination before booking or travelling.)


Iceland is a haven for anyone after unique experiences and mesmerising scenery. And for any of you put off because of its icy conditions, you’ll be surprised and relieved to know that despite its name ICE land, it is in fact rather mild. Now, the summers aren’t exactly scorching but the winter isn’t so cold that you’ll need 100 layers of clothing and probably still end up with frost bite.

There’s so much to do in Iceland from glacier climbing to visiting waterfalls such as Gullfoss. Also known as The Golden Falls, it is one of Iceland’s most iconic and loved waterfalls, located in the Hvítá river canyon in south-west Iceland.



As prime backpacker season, Thailand should be at the top of your list. Known as ‘the land of smiles’, it’s a country that’ll fill you with love, open your eyes to a new culture and leave you wanting more. Whether you’re looking to island-hop for two weeks or experience the street food way of life, Thailand has everything you’re looking for.

February is the heart of the dry season and the best time to visit the backpacker paradise. You’re guaranteed to have sunny days and highs of 40-degree heat, where you can lull on the beach with a cocktail in tow (but don’t forget the marine-friendly sun cream) or swim in local waterfalls.

Thailand offers a whole host of activities from visiting elephant sanctuaries (do your research beforehand), temple hopping, street markets, cooking classes to water sports and beach activities on their gorgeous islands. From strolling around Chiang Mai’s old town to partying in Phi Phi, you will never run out of sights to see or bumping into the friendly locals.



There’s no better time to explore the wonders of Vietnam than in March. The hot and sticky weather subsides and you’re left with gorgeous sunny days - and its prime dry season. Vietnam is best done across a couple of weeks working your way either from north to south or the other way around - both routes will be as incredible as the other.

Vietnam is a unique location; from the quirky French colonial architecture in Ho Chi Minh City, the famous temples in Hue to the busy nightlife in Hanoi. You can bob along the Mekong River with your straw hat in tow, travel down to the islands for a couple of days at the beach or take a bike ride over the quaintest bridges in Hoi An - the experiences really are endless.

Vietnam’s food scene is also a massive attraction; the huge bowls of beef pho will never get old and there will always be a friendly local ready to share a new story.


Canguu, Bali

The formerly quieter area of Bali, Canguu has now revolutionized to the place you need to be for your summer break. Picture this: 31-degree heat, sitting on a sun lounger with a vegan breakfast bowl and mojito in tow - you really can’t get better than that.

Canguu is a resort village on the south coast of Bali and a small little place you can make your own. By day you can be enjoying the poolside antics, surfing in the sea and by night, the place lights up for a laid-back barefoot, party vibe with the fruitiest cocktails you’ll ever taste.



The country of Cuba is incredibly versatile and has more than first meets the eye. Even though the city of Havana is bursting with colour and passion, there’s plenty of things to do elsewhere. From the Viñales Valley to the gorgeous coastlines, nature parks and more, it’s bursting with different activities.

Cuba is worth travelling off the beaten path as you’ll find hidden gems you can’t see anywhere else and meet people along the way who have the most wonderful stories.



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