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Women Wear the Trousers When Booking Couple Holidays

When it comes to booking holidays we all have our own ideas of where to go, where to stay and what we should be doing on the trip. But when it comes to taking in to account your partner's ideas as well as your own, a recent survey has revealed that 74% of woman make all the travel decisions... and even use reverse psychology to get their own way!

Figures show that whilst these 74% of women choose the details on a couples holiday, men seem to be quite happy with 62% believing that they have in fact made the decisions. It revealed that women engineer the whole scenario of choosing a destination, hotel and activities to make their partner believe that they have got their own way when it comes down to finalising the bookings. Female participants admitted to already choosing a holiday destination and then making their partner believe that they have in fact had the final say - sneaky!

And it seems that women will go to great lengths to get their own way with 35% using reverse psychology and 14% dropping hints, compared to 37% of couples ending up having an argument about where they should visit. Of those that said they argued about making choices, a whopping 54% stated that this was simply because they both had 'different tastes' compared to 31% believing that their partner was 'indecisive'.

When quizzed as to how long it eventually took couples to agree on their holiday plans the average time totalled 5 weeks, with 43% of individuals changing their mind about the destination after it was already booked. Whew, we're tired already!

Booking a destination to suit two people is not an easy task, however it is important to consider the likes and dislikes of both people. If you're choosing somewhere you've never been make sure you conduct your research about the destination thoroughly before making a booking and make sure it is the right choice for you both. Consider holiday elements such as activity-filled or relaxing break, sun or snow, as well as things such as food and location of your accommodation.

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