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Women Wear Only 1/3 of Holiday Clothes

A recent report has revealed that when it comes to packing, many of us need a little extra help on the steps to becoming a savvy traveller, as the majority of the clothes and items that we pack for our trips abroad come back to the UK unworn. The report showed that the average female holidaymaker crams around 150 items in to their luggage, but only 57 of these items will actually be worn.

On the other hand of the spectrum, the male traveller packs just 40 items with them for a two week break. A whopping 78% of women who took part in the survey said that they took the extra items with them 'just in case'.

The majority of items that came back unworn were daytime outfits, although the majority of those who travelled spent their daytimes at the beach... perhaps a selection of swim suits and sarongs would have been better to bring!

There are in fact consequences of packing potentially unneeded extra items on holiday; not only will your case be heavier and have less room inside, but things such as buying souvenirs are out of the question as the risk of incurring extra luggage charges from airlines are sky-high. Although 44% shopped for new items while abroad, even though their case was already full to the brim!

The survey revealed that nearly 50% of people lied to their partners about how much their case weighed, only to find out at the airport that it is too heavy. Whereas more than half reported to cram excess footwear, jewellery, hats, sunglasses, skirts and toiletries in to their hand luggage 'just in case' their main suitcase got lost on the way.

Planning your holiday wardrobe in advance can be a great way to adapt to packing lighter, choosing a selection of clothes that complement each other and can be mixed and matched as both day and evening wear.

Furthermore, becoming a savvy packer and travelling lighter with only cabin baggage not only means that you are far less likely to incur additional weight charges, but means that you can get through the airport faster, skipping the airport queues and waiting around at the luggage carousel. If you're a backpacker, you will already be aware of how much easier it is to travel this way.

For more information and advice on packing, take a look at our tips and advice sections.

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