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Winter sports lovers travel with prized equipment, but are reluctant to insure it, says Alpha Travel Insurance

Skiers and snowboarders are avoiding hiring expensive specialist equipment and travelling with their own skis and snowboards. But they don't think to insure it, according to

The winter travel insurance specialist recently surveyed its customer base and found 60% of respondents prefer to bring their own equipment when travelling. However, of those surveyed 57% claimed they would not think of purchasing either a specialist policy or an extension to their travel policy to cover their equipment during the holiday.

Alpha Travel Insurance Brand Manager Chantelle Dadd said: "Our customers enjoy seeking out the best slopes and the challenging track 'runs'. To get the most from the holiday experience, they are travelling with their own equipment but are forgetting that cover for their skis, boots and bindings is necessary. Many winter skiers may find that under a non-specialist ski policy, the general baggage cover is not sufficient to cover their normal clothes and ski equipment - so skiers should always look for specialist ski policies."

Airlines are expected to cover the loss of equipment in transit but winter travellers should be aware that certain specialist policies will cover the cost of hiring equipment at the resort - so the holiday is not ruined.

Safety equipment was also not a high priority for the Alpha customer, with 50% claiming they didn't feel it was necessary to wear protective clothing or helmets.

Dadd added: "Last year, 13% of all our ski claims were for cruciate ligament damage at an average cost of £270 per claim. Elbows, arms, wrists and hands are all sensitive areas so wearing protective gear or straps, especially for small children and beginners, will help mitigate any serious injury. To avoid ski thumb, the trick is to let go of the poles as soon as you feel yourself falling - it's the handles which cause the injury."

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Author Bio: Chantelle Dadd is the Brand Manager of Online Travel Insurance provider She is a travel enthusiast who loves writing about all things 'travel', from industry news to top destinations.

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