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What is Mountainboarding?

If you like skateboarding, snowboarding or surfing you'll love mountainboarding! Our post explains what it is, what equipment you need and everything else you should know before you start.

What is it?

A mountainboard resembles the form of a large skateboard, but with bigger wheels that are able to travel off-road terrain, hills, woodland, gravel and dirt tracks. The ability to ride on a variety of terrain is what gives mountainboarding its innovative and unique appeal.

The board itself consists of a deck, steering mechanisms (trucks), bindings and four larger wheels with heavily gripped tyres.

The wheels are perfectly positioned on the edges of the board rather than underneath, so they can absorb the uneven impact of riding on off-road terrain. A separate shock absorber and spring is also included in to the wheel mechanism.

Similar to a snowboard, you are strapped to the deck using bindings and movement is achieved using the trucks and leaning either left or right depending on where you want to go.

A further aspect of the mountainboard that differentiates from the standard skateboard is the addition of brakes which are usually attached to the two front wheels of the deck.

What equipment do I need?

If you're learning for the first time, especially how to balance, it's always a good idea to bring a friend with you to help.

How long will it take to learn?

If you've surfed, snowboarded, skateboarded or taken part in any other 'board' sport, then learning how to mountainboard should be pretty straightforward for you as the technique is very similar.

If this is your first time on a board, your first steps will be to learn the basics such as balance, stopping and starting. A mountainboard is pretty sturdy and is one of the easiest and learner-friendly board sports - it won't take you long to master!

Where can I learn it?

You can learn this sport pretty much anywhere! The trick is finding a good outdoor slope or place to practice near you!

If you fancy taking up lessons with a professional, these are widely available and at a variety of locations across the UK:

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