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What is European Travel Insurance?

Are you one of the surprisingly large number of travellers who believe that you do not need to buy travel insurance for your trip to Europe?

Whilst you may feel that the only good thing to come out of our membership of the European Union is the access to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you should be aware that although the EHIC does entitle UK travellers to the same treatments that are available to the local residents, the level of entitlement varies widely from country to country. Some procedures may not be covered at all! Travellers are often surprised to discover that in some countries they actually have to pay towards their treatment.

Even if the basic hospital costs were covered by the EHIC, the cost of returning home (either after your treatment, or because you have to have an emergency repatriation) is not covered by the EHIC. Because the medical facilities in a large number of European Ski resorts and in all the popular Spanish destinations are privately run, you will find that the EHIC is not accepted as means of paying your medical bill. So how are you supposed to know exactly what the EHIC will, and won't cover in the country which you are planning to visit? Visit the 'Know Before You Go' section on the main Tips and Advice page to find out more about the countries you are thinking of visiting.

Of course the best way to ensure that you are totally protected from any unpleasant surprises is to buy Alpha European travel insurance, as it provides cover for all emergency medical expenses that you may incur should you unexpectedly fall ill or suffer a serious injury whilst abroad, including the costs of getting you home.

Alpha's Single Trip European travel insurance policies provide the following:

Alpha European travel insurance allows you to choose the amount you want to pay in the event of a claim (the policy excess), which has a direct effect on the premiums we charge without compromising on the cover provided. To find out more, and to check out our great prices, simply visit our 'Travel Insurance' tab above.

With a wide choice of destinations and activities on offer Europe caters for every type of traveller, from the intrepid to the romantic, the historian to the modernist.

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