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What is a Travel Insurance Policy ‘Cooling Off Period’

Travel insurance is designed to protect you, your family and your holiday in case things go wrong. It is essential that travel insurance is purchased at the same time of paying for your holiday to have full cover in place from the very beginning. With every purchase of travel insurance comes a 14 day cooling off period - but what exactly is a cooling off period, how long does is last and what is it for? Read on to find out everything you need to know!

What is a cooling off period? Why do I need a cooling off period?

It is important to remember that a travel insurance policy is a contractual agreement. A cooling off period is a window of time in which customers who have bought a policy are encouraged to read the terms and conditions, check that their details are correct, as well as read through any additional paperwork, such as medical screening information.

How long does a cooling off period last for?

A cooling off period comes with every single Alpha Travel Insurance policy, no matter which product or excess you have chosen to buy! This is a standard practise across the industry, and for Alpha Travel Insurance policies, a cooling off period is 14 days in duration starting from the date the policy was purchased. Cooling off periods unfortunately cannot be extended to be longer than duration than 14 days.

What do I need to do during the cooling off period?

During the cooling off period, customers need to ensure that they have received their documents. Once received, it is important to ensure that all personal details are correct and all medical conditions have been declared (as well as the answers are correct too!). If anything is not correct, any amendments need to be made or any new information needs to be added to the policy, it is critical that the travel insurer is contacted during this time (and also updated if anything changes at a later date prior to travelling).


Can I cancel my travel insurance policy after the cooling off period?

Generally speaking, travel insurance policies cannot be cancelled after the cooling off period, as they are a contract between you and the insurer. Travel insurance policies certainly cannot be cancelled after you have travelled! Sometimes, if you have chosen a Multi Trip policy or Longstay insurance, the policy can be cancelled (provided you haven't already travelled or need/intend to make a claim); however it is important to remember though that you may not receive the full amount back - if you are eligible for any money back from your policy, this is usually calculated on a pro-rata basis (and you may have to pay an administration fee too!)

It is recommended to contact your insurer who will be able to explain your options in more detail.

If there is anything that you are unsure of regarding purchasing a travel insurance policy, we have a variety of questions featured in our frequently asked questions page. There is also a wealth of information in our travel tips and advice sections, alongside the individual product pages. Simply hover over the 'travel insurance' or 'tips & advice' tabs to get started!

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