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We Meet Our iPad Facebook Competition Winner!

To celebrate the launch of our new website at, in April we decided to give one of our lucky Facebook likers the chance to win one of the must have gadgets of 2013 - a black slate iPad Mini.

We had a staggering amount of entries but could only choose one winner - the lucky Aimie Head, 28, from Cardiff, Wales.

We caught up with Aimie on her travels in London to present her prize. Read on to find out what's on her bucket list, tips for the perfect holiday and the answer to the ultimate question... Keanu Reeves or Ryan Reynolds!

_ _ _

Hi Aimie, congratulations on winning our competition! Please tell us three facts about yourself.

1 - I have a degree in Media and Broadcasting.

2 - I like to visit the Gym. They have a few dance classes which I also enjoy including Latino, retro and dance.

3 - My job role is a 'subtitler' which involves applying the subtitles text. I've worked on various projects ranging from Geordie Shore to music videos on MTV.

I've visited Paris, Majorca, Ibiza and Spain. My godparents have a Spanish villa in Alicante which is handy as it's near the coastline and the weather is always nice!

I love city breaks so I think New York has got to be at the top of the list! I'd love to go shopping in Times Square. Italy also looks amazing so I'd probably go there too!

White water rafting looks pretty cool; I'd like to learn that within the next couple of years. Gorge walking was also really fun, I'd like to do that again.

I can't live without my hair straighteners so they would definitely be in there amongst a good selection of different types of clothes!

Although it wouldn't be in my suitcase, my iPhone comes everywhere with me on my travels - I use the camera a lot and always come back with lots of fab holiday snaps!

Economy, although I'd love to travel business class. You get more space in business class, a better seat and champagne - what's not to like!

Not at all! I believe the key to a good holiday is doing your planning and researching beforehand, there are lots of things that you can do cheaply or even for free. Sightseeing being one of them!

Missing flights and connections! It's a bit stressful but thankfully I haven't missed any yet!

I did however get on the wrong train once and ended up in Reading instead of Leeds, which was a bit embarrassing to explain...

When I visited Paris, we decided to go on a four hour city tour to see some of the city's famous landmarks such as the Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. During the tour, it decided to pour down with rain and you guessed it... we got completely soaked! Nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves for those two days and it was a memorable trip! 

Probably completing my Media and Broadcasting degree at Cheltenham University. I celebrated by having a meal with my mum and brother, followed by going out in the evening with my friends for drinks.

Reese Witherspoon was amazing in both Cruel Intentions and Friends so I would choose her! I think we look similar too so that's an added bonus!

I'd take a good book with me, preferably one with a lot of pages to keep me going if I was stuck on the island for a long time. I'd have to bring some music too; Queen, Cat Stevens and Van Morrison are my favourites alongside the original 'Make You Feel My Love' track sung by Bob Dylan.

My friends and I like to enter competitions if we see anything that we might like but I have never won much more than some clothes and a pair of welly boots. This is the biggest thing I have won to date.

  • If someone was visiting Cardiff for the first time, what would be on the itinerary?

A visit to Cardiff's Millennium Stadium would be first on the list followed by shopping in St.David's. To finish the day we would go for a drink in one of the bars down Mill Lane - it's always a great atmosphere and they do really good cocktails!

  • If you could travel back in time, what place and year would you travel to and why?

Woodstock in 1969 - I'm a bit of a hippie at heart!

  • If you were confined to one country for the rest of your life, where would you choose... and what would your profession of choice be?

I'd like to be an actress living in an American penthouse. That would be perfect.

Quickfire Questions:

  • Hawaii or Alaska?
  • Volleyball or bar pool?
  • Tequila Sunrise or Jagerbomb?
  • Sun lounger or bungee jump?
  • Rest and relaxation or fun and adventure?
  • Keanu Reeves or Ryan Reynolds?
  • Great Gatsby or Captain Jack?

_ _ _

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