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Wacky Winter Sports Activities

This January, many people are looking to hit the crisp powdered slopes for a spot of sledging, skiing or snowboarding. However others will be searching for a winter sport a little more out of the ordinary.... Riding a kayak down a snowy hillside, plummeting beneath icy water, or skiing with a parachute are just some of the world's wackiest winter sports. Read on to find out more...

Ice diving

Ice diving is a specialist form of diving under hard sheets of ice. As there is only one single entry and exit hole, this makes it far more dangerous than normal diving and thus requires extra training. Divers have to learn to recognize unsafe conditions, as well as how to prepare and cut a hole in the ice. Additional safety precautions include being strapped to a harness at all times and secured to a safety diver located at the surface. Communication is made via tugging the rope.

Snow polo

Snow polo is a fun and exciting sport that is played on horseback. It is simply an updated version of the classic game but played in snow and wintry conditions. Each horse is given special shoes which provide a greater traction against the snowy surface. The colour of the ball is red so it can be seen easily against the white backdrop.

Speed flying

A combination of skydiving and skiing, speed flying is probably one of the craziest (and most dangerous) winter sports you could do. The participant is dropped off on the top of a mountain (usually by helicopter) to which they then ski and fly down the hill with the help of their parachute. If there is an obstacle in the way simply jump and fly over it! This winter activity may sound fun however skiers can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, depending on the height of the mountain. Safety gear is a must!

Shovel racing

An alternative to sledging, shovel racing was invented in the 1970's when people were looking for a quick way to get down the slope if the lifts were shut. The sport involves one person sitting on the metal part of the shovel, whilst the shovel's handle is tied to rope and your team member pulls you along. Shovel racing is a popular winter sport with modified shovels reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour!

As always many of the sports above won't be covered on a standard travel insurance policy. We recommend talking to your insurer if you wish to partake in an activity that they do not list as they may be able to consider you on an individual basis. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you share it with your friends and family by using the social share links below! Live life to the full, with Alpha Travel Insurance!

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