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Twitter Top Travel Tips

If you feel unprepared to travel as you have niggling questions yet to be resolved; fear no more as we have collected the very latest Twitter travel tips spanning the one liner posts that you need to know before you go.

If you get a chance to read through some more in depth travel tips and advice while sat at the airport or waiting for the taxi to pick you up some of our latest and most seasons tips and advice items can be seen below.

Seasonal travelling tips and advice for winter breaks:

1. How to Choose the Right Ski Boots for All Ages and Expertise

2. Planning a Wintersports Break in 2013

3. How to Wax Your Skis Like a Pro

Also check out our general travel tips here, our 'Know Before You Go' checklists and much more.

Twitter Travel Tips:

So let's see what Twitter has to offer to help your travelling go hitch free (Twitter handles have been removed for easy reading).

1. (When travelling) Don't regret things you've done, regret the things you didn't do when you had a chance.

2. Embrace the cold when going to European Winter destinations.

3.Think about using tools like TripAdvisor to find a restaurant abroad.

4. Maximise culture absorption by using city cycle tours around the world.

5. Download top travel apps before you go to help yourself problem solve when you travel.

6. Learn the emergency dial codes for destinations before you travel abroad.

7. Save money by packing essentials but don't forget airport rules on quantities.

8. Catch some zzz's on your next flight by making your plane seating like your couch.

9. Be aware of holidays in danger zones - check out government sites.

10. If you enjoy sporting trips pack your footwear protection too as buying these abroad can be costly.

11.Get to your airport gate faster by having documents to hand and booking online.

12. Research editors and bloggers opinions for the next best unknown travel destinations.

13. Find travel companions by re-pitching your trip not to alienate.

14. Ever thought of hiring a campervan and hitting the open road in Australia or New Zealand?

15. Stay healthy when travelling on long flights by packing your exercise band and look at seated workouts.

16. Want an easy trip to India? Start in Dharamsala! This Himalayan town is super.

17. Chile's Colchagua Valley among top honeymoon destinations.

18. Singapore Airlines cancels the world's longest commercial flights - find replacement providers.

19. Try a DIY Seychelles break to avoid breaking the bank on your next holiday.

20. Adventures are not just for Winter - remember off-season adventures.

To summarize, travel tips and advice can be very useful in preparation for your next adventure. Whether you're looking for advice on destinations, hotels or equipment it's always better to be prepared before you travel to avoid any hidden surprises!

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