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Travellers Ditch Sunshine Holidays for Culture Vulture Tours of Europe

A new survey has revealed that British holidaymakers are choosing to ditch classic sunshine holidays to beach resort and exotic destinations in favour of more cultural holiday experiences.

Half of travellers now refer to themselves 'culture vultures', preferring to explore ancient cities, museums and sites of historical importance whilst on holiday rather than get a tan on the beach.

As a result of this change in taste, people are heading to more off-the-beaten-track destinations in order to get a real, authentic taste of different life and culture, using the opportunity to explore local history and customs.

Eastern Europe offers some of the best deals for this type of 'culture fix'. Close to home and a lot cheaper than Mediterranean cities, Eastern Europe offers visitors a taste of a slice of life that we haven't always been overly-exposed to. Rich in heritage, culture and different tastes to back home, each city reveals something more about the people that have inhabited it for hundreds of years.

The survey, carried out by Post Office Travel Money, revealed that tickets for activities such as national ballet and opera performances can be picked up for as little as just £20 in destinations like Warsaw thanks to the new-found strength of the British sterling.

The survey compared a basket of six cultural items including a museum trip, an art gallery visit, a classical concert, a ballet performance, a visit to the opera and a trip to a regional heritage site.

The Polish capital came out trumps, providing travellers with the most wallet-friendly prices to see and experience culture within the city, costing just £69.65 for all six activities. Museum entry costs as little as £2.82, whilst a night at the ballet or a visit to the opera will set back travellers by £20.13.

Budapest came second, with the six cultural trips costing just over £80. Prague came in third at £92.59 followed by Dublin, Rome (surprisingly) and then Berlin. Dublin and Rome were also noted as being the two cities that offered the best value for a cultural break within the Eurozone, with prices in the Irish capital dropping to the same as in 2009.

The results of this survey come just as figures from the Office of National Statistics shows that last year over 5 million of us went abroad on a short city break of between one to three nights.

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money said, "œWith almost half of holidaymakers seeking a helping of culture whilst on a leisure break, it seems that people are now looking to add an extra dimension to their trips abroad. The latest figures suggest that UK tourists are already spending many millions of pounds on short breaks abroad, but culture vultures can cut their costs by doing their homework in advance and swapping to a city like Warsaw or Budapest where prices are significantly lower than better known cultural capitals like Paris or Amsterdam."

If you're a 'culture vulture' type traveller looking for a great deal, why not visit our Tips and Advice section and read some of our budget city guides? They offer great tips for before you visit, or give you an insight into some of the highlights of the city if you're merely browsing for trip-spiration!

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